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8 Best Sites to Get the Latest Syria News

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8 Best Sites to Get the Latest Syria News

With the conflict in Syrian growing in scope and intensity, the Internet is awash with news and views about the atrocities developing in the war-torn nation.

If you want to remain up-to-date about the latest breaking news about the civil war in Syria, take a look at the following eight sites to get the latest Syria news.

8 Sites for Syria News

New York Times

The New York Times has a page on its website devoted to Syria. The page includes coverage highlights, with issues related to Syria, such as promises made by Sweden to asylum seekers and Germany accepting 5,000 Syrian refugees.

The page comprises of comprehensive and detailed features about the Syrian crisis, accompanied with some compelling photos and images, predominantly of the heartache the Syrian war is creating.

By taking a broad look at the war across Syria and publishing factual, non-sensational news pieces and features that seem to be regularly updated, the New York Times’ coverage of Syria seems to cling to impartial journalistic qualities.

ABC News

ABC News’ Syria coverage is updated extremely regularly with often more than 10 reports related to the crisis being published each day. The organization provides a range of news stories centered on Syria with a large proportion being devoted to Syrian migrants.

The quality of the reports is good, well-researched and informative, which, like the New York Times, remain impartial and unbiased.

The Guardian

The Guardian’s coverage of the Syria crisis covers stories about the country, its people and its politics. The Guardian’s Syria page comprises of several videos related to issues affecting the country.

The Guardian is well-known for its quality reporters, columnists and commentators. However, it is also regarded by some as a “leftie paper” that is well-known for its liberal, left-wing stance.

With reports leaning towards the free flow of immigrants, such as the US State Department announcing it has “no plans to reduce intake of Syrian refugees” and a Connecticut governor taking in a Syrian refugee family, saying “It’s the right thing to do,” The Guardian’s coverage of the Syria crisis does seem to be leaning towards a multi-cultural, pro-immigration left.


Topix is a news source site that provides continually updated news about Syria from thousands of sources around the Internet.

The pool of Syria news reports gathered by Topix come from a diverse range of sources, posing important questions such as an article published on KHQ-TV Spokane titled, ‘With Islamic State targeted, what happens to Syria’s Assad?’

Readers can scroll through past stories and are encouraged to comment on the articles and spark conversation and debate.

Providing stories from sources and publications from around the whole of the net, Topix is void of the bias a particular media publication or organization might have about the Syrian crisis and is a valuable source for learning about news coming from the war-torn country.


The video-sharing channel YouTube has a large volume of videos available to view that are related to the Syria war. On its Syria news page, viewers can watch various reports related to the conflict that have been uploaded onto the YouTube site.

However, the reports lack the up-to-date urgency of other media sources and consequently many of the videos and reports available to watch are more than six months old. As YouTube shows how many views a video has had, you can gauge the popularity of the perceived importance of a particular story, a feature that is void of many of the Syria news sources.


Reuters is regularly updated with the most pressing and urgent news involving Syria and its people. The site publishes large volumes of updates each day meaning readers stay well-informed and up-to-date with all the latest news and developments deriving from Syria and issues affecting the crisis from around the world.

From Obama’s thoughts on a Syrian settlement needed to eliminate Islamic State, to Canada having to cut corners to meet Syrian refugee targets, Reuters provides a well-rounded, all-inclusive and current analysis of the Syria crisis.


To be honest, Facebook wouldn’t be my first choice of news source, though I have to admit, the Syrian Network for Human Rights’ Facebook page provides important insight to some hard-hitting stories emerging from Syria that are perhaps not published in the more mainstream news channels.

One post that stood out was a story about the ‘Main Conflict Parties Who are Killing Civilians in Syria’, a story I had not seen published anywhere else.

Syria Deeply

Syria Deeply provides a roundup of news about Syria, including videos and articles. There is an interview with a young Syrian refugee and what she has had to face during the most current conflict in the region.

The site leans toward the side of the refugees but still presents information in a clear and concise way, covering all points of the issues with a clear description and neutral journalistic qualities.

Top Secret Writers remains committed to bringing you news and important information about the atrocities developing in Syria (1) and their affect around the world. With news being released rapidly, staying on top of the latest updates can be a real challenge. Fortunately, these sites will help you stay up to the minute.

References & Image Credits:
(1) TSW: Anadolu Journalists Move Dead Refugee Child for Photo Op

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