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Is Anyone Behind the Murder of 8 Holistic Doctors?

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Is Anyone Behind the Murder of 8 Holistic Doctors?
The deaths of several naturopathic doctors has stirred rumors of a conspiracy. The story is being told and retold over the Internet that these professionals were eliminated because they were curing diseases, such as autism and cancer and posed a threat to Big Pharma and others.

The flip-side of that theory is that the deaths are unrelated. Which is it? Would some of the entities painted as villains in the conspiracy theories resort to murder?

Some websites claim that as many as 13 naturopathic doctors died in 2015.

Several Floridian holistic and alternative doctors died between June and July 2015, some under rather mysterious circumstances, according to the Liberty Beacon (1).

Health Nut News founder Erin Elizabeth is credited with breaking the news about the unusual number of naturopathic doctors’ deaths. Unlike other websites, she doesn’t make any assumptions about their deaths or how/if they are related, but she simply brings the unusual number of deaths to the forefront (2).

List of Dead Naturopathic Doctors

Examining the list being used for various articles on these deaths can shed some light on the otherwise sensationalism of their deaths. Surprisingly, some of those on the list practiced western medicine, not alternative or holistic.

#1 Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, 61 (Died June 19)

The story of Dr. Bradstreet is one of the best known of the alternative health doctors who died. His death can be interpreted two ways. One is a suicide act of desperation and the other is a conspiracy to stop the progressive alternative medicine threat to Big Pharma or some other entity.

Dr. Bradstreet was known for his controversial research and treatment of autistic patients. Three days before Bradstreet died, the FDA along with Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency raided his office. The government officials were interested in his “use of GcMAF [Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor] with autistic patients in his clinic”.

According to the Daily Mail, also under scrutiny was Bradstreet’s use of “chelation therapies” (3). Many considered Bradstreet a leading pioneer in the alternative treatments for autism and cancer. His family and those who knew the doctor rejected the ruling that Bradstreet committed suicide. In fact, a GoFundMe campaign was created to assist in a private investigation into his death (4).

After the raid on his Buford office, Bradstreet apparently drove to Chimney Rock, NC, near Lake Lure, where he and his wife often vacationed. Bradstreet’s body was found floating in the Rocky Broad River that empties into the lake. He died from a gunshot wound to the chest. Authorities ruled his death as a suicide (5).

It’s easy to draw lines to link several deaths within a specific time frame. This is often done with two doctors who died during the June-July 2015 timeline. However, upon closer examination, the deaths of Dr. Holt and Dr. Sievers may not be so mysterious.

#2 Dr. Baron Holt, DC, 33 (Died June 21 – Father’s Day)

The News Observer reported that in 2012, Raleigh’s Chiropractor Baron Holt, traveled to London to work with the US Olympic team. On June 21, 2015, he died unexpectedly while vacationing in Jacksonville, Florida. Family members reported that Holt suffered from health issues, but they weren’t aware that his illness was life-threatening. Baron was known as a “faithful healer” since he was a staunch Christian, who played Christian music in his office.

He reportedly, “took a holistic approach to treatment; he and his staff taught classes on nutrition, exercise, even aromatherapy” (6).

#3 Dr. Teresa Sievers, 46 (Died June 29)

Dr. Sievers’ death is often added to the list. Sievers practiced hormone therapy as part of her holistic practice. She returned home alone from a family trip; her early return was planned in advance. Her husband and two small children continued their visit with her family in Connecticut.

The day after she returned home, her bludgeoned body was found inside her home. In August 2015, two men were arrested for her murder. One of the men, Curtis Wayne Wright was a lifetime friend of her husband and was charged with second degree murder. His friend, Jimmy Ray Rodgers was “on a supervised release for a weapons charge.”

Rodgers often bragged about being a hit with the nickname “Hammer”. He bragged to his girlfriend about killing Sievers and his girlfriend contacted the police leading to Rodgers’ arrest (7).

True Crime Radio reported that Mark Sievers, Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy Ray Rodgers all know each other (8).

Sheriff Scott, in charge of the investigation believes Sievers’s murder was “a targeted set of circumstances” (9).


#4 Dr. Bruce Hedendal, DC, PhD, 67 (Died June 21 – Father’s Day)

Dr. Hedendal of Boca Roton, FL was discovered dead in his car. His body was slumped over and the car was turned off. It was reported that he’d been exercising some time prior to his body being discovered. All reports state autopsy results were pending with no update. Hedendal held a PhD in nutrition from Harvard.

However, Snopes reports that a fellow discus thrower posted on Hedendal’s obituary page that “On Father’s Day he was at the Sunshine State Games and felt dizzy throwing the discus and even fell once.” The poster states that Hedendal “didn’t look good acc. to other throwers…” Hedendal was “water and Gatorade, went to his car and passed away sitting there.” The poster suspects that Hedendal had “severe hydration” and possible died from a heart attack (9).

Hedendal overcame what many deemed a major challenge. In 2000, he was charged with tax evasion by a federal grand jury. He fled to Canada and made his way to Australia and was arrested. “In 2002, he was sentence to 10-1/2 years in federal prison for obstructing justice and conspiring to defraud the United States, and eight associates received sentences ranging from probation to five years in prison” (10).

He returned to practice and was loved by his patients. “He served as science advisor, product developer and spokesperson for two respected US nutraceutical firms.” His website stated that one of his goals was to, “…debunk the myth that you should turn over your body to a medical doctor who will ‘treat’ your body by drugging it, cutting it or burning it.”

#5 Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, 63 (Died June 29)

Most websites report Dr. Whiteside’s death as being one of several alternative medicine practitioners who died during the summer. Whiteside lived, practiced and died in Wisconsin. There is no indication in his biography or news reports that he was an alternative/holistic doctor. He was a pulmonary and critical care physician who disappeared after an argument with his wife. His body wasn’t found until three weeks later on “uninhabited land” (11).

The Door County Sheriff’s Department stated that Whiteside committed suicide. A . 22-caliber handgun, believed to be his father’s gun (purchased 1963) “was recovered at the scene” (12).

#6 Lisa Riley, DO, 34 (Died July 10)

The body of Dr. Lisa Marie Riley, an emergency room physician, was discovered in the home she shared with her husband, Georgia boxer Yathomas Riley aka Terrible Thomas. Riley died from a gunshot wound to the head. Yathomas was later arrested for her murder. Yathomas supposedly found his wife’s body and told investigators she’d committed suicide.

In 2012, Yathomas was brought up on attempted murder charges of similar circumstances where his girlfriend supposedly committed suicide. Yathomas was acquitted in that case (12).

#7 Dr. Ronald Schwartz, 65 (Died July 19)

Schwartz, a retired OBGYN doctor, was found shot to death in his home. His death was ruled a homicide (13).

Motive is yet unclear with no suspects so far. Some have speculated if his death could be related to an erotic movie that he wrote the screenplay for, but so far there no connection has been made (13).

#8 Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, 67 (Died July 21)

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a prominent alternative cancer doctor died of unknown causes. Some websites report the cause of death as a heart attack and suggest a weapon that supposedly can cause undetectable heart attacks may have been used (14).

According to Gonzalez’s website, the preliminary autopsy revealed cause of death as inconclusive and ruled out a heart attack (15).

Compiling and Sifting through Accounts

As you can see from the deaths listed above, there are questions surrounding many of the circumstances.

With so many unusual deaths of doctors in such a short span of time, many people feel they are all somehow connected, yet not all who died were involved in holistic medicine.

The truth surrounding some of the deaths may never be known.

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