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MIT Grad Wages $10 Million That Monsanto Lacks Standards for Safety Assessment

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MIT Grad Wages $10 Million That Monsanto Lacks Standards for Safety Assessment
A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has challenged one of the largest producers of GMOs in the world that there are no safety assessment standards in place for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The accusations come in the wake of the same individual’s earlier claims that plants that have been GMO-engineered accumulate high levels of formaldehyde.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai states it would be impossible for the Monsanto Company to prove his claims that GMO-engineered plants don’t accumulate high amounts of formaldehyde due to the fact there are no safety assessment standards in place surrounding GMOs.

Talking to Patch, Ayyadurai said:

“If Monsanto can disprove the fact that there are no safety assessment standards for GMOs, the conclusion of our fourth paper, then I will give them my $10 million building” (1).

Study Raises Concerns

Earlier this year, the peer-reviewed journal Agricultural Sciences published a study that revealed the genetic engineering of soy plants hinders its natural ability to control stress and “invalidates the FDA’s current regulatory framework of “Substantial equivalence” used for approval of genetically engineered food” (2).

The study was led by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who said the results demand the immediate testing and rigorous standards implemented to ensure the testing carried out on GMOs is both “objective and replicable.”

The MIT graduate continued that it was unbelievable such standards involving the testing of GMOs are not already in place. The study concludes that the current standards set by the US government for the safety assessment of genetically engineered are “outdated and unscientific”. The conclusion also noted how the current testing was originally developed in the 1970s for assessing the safety of medical devices.

In response to Ayyadurai’s accusations, Monsanto hit back telling RT that Ayyadurai’s claims are “uninformed” and “appear to be a stunt.”

“GM crops undergo safety assessments that are more rigorous and thorough than assessments of any other food crop in history. The safety assessment strategy ensures that new GE crops are developed and tested in accordance with comprehensive risk assessment strategies and international safety assessment guidelines,” Monsanto told RT.

dr. shiva

GMO Giants

The GMO giants are, of course, no strangers to controversy and negative press. For example, in October 2015, Top Secret Writers reported about Monsanto’s involvement with a bill pushed through Congress at a rapid speed designed to ensure state governments are unable to enforce GMO labelling laws in response to public demands (3).

Earlier on in the year, we reported about the list of Monsanto food that has been circulating the Internet in recent years, advising consumers to steer clear of food manufacturers associated with using Monsanto GMO products (4).

Nowm Monsanto is back in the controversy limelight, this time because of a multi-million dollar challenge to the GMO giants to prove adequate safety standards are in place for GMO crops.

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