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Steven Greer Disclosure “Briefings” and CSETI Org Are All a Money-Making Scam

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Steven Greer Disclosure “Briefings” and CSETI Org Are All a Money-Making Scam
When you think of a physician, the image of a trustworthy and experienced professional comes to mind. That is, unless you’re imagining Dr. Steven M. Greer, in which case you should be imagining a manipulative and deceitful conman.

Dr. Greer started his career as a doctor, working in Emergency Services – a noble and sacrificial career path. That is, before he broke into his current venture that includes shedding light on government knowledge regarding extraterrestrial life forms, as well as the sciences that go along with it.

In 1990, he sidestepped from his humanitarian endeavors to form the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), an endeavor to engage in diplomatic contact with extraterrestrial life forms. As part of this project, he created the Disclosure Project to encourage government agencies to share any alleged information they may have about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and the intelligence that accompanies (1).

His efforts landed him at the dinner table of CIA Director James Woolsey, an appearance on a Larry King special, and working side by side at CSETI with Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell. As his alien research project took off, he retired from the medical field completely.

His efforts continued, creating The Orion Project in an effort to find sustainable energy. He wrote four books on extraterrestrial contact, based on his alleged contact as a young boy and his project discoveries. He raised funds for his research through his organization. Greer was even able to co-produce a documentary called Sirius that provided information about his research efforts and the alleged government coverups (2).


In addition to donations, Greer held conferences all over the world, including Washington DC, Lisbon, and London where he shared his insight with the masses. He even formed workshops designed to encourage human contact with extraterrestrials (3). The funds were rolling in and Greer was getting plenty of notoriety for his research efforts.

Things seemed to be going pretty well for Dr. Steven Greer.

Now, information is coming to light that paints a different picture of Steven Greer. This picture is an image of lies and deceit.

Individuals in touch with Jim Woosley state that the 1993 dinner party Greer so famously coined as a “briefing” was nothing more than a casual and unrelated gathering (4). Greer retorted by claiming the dinner party was a cover story for the briefing that occurred. In his over 1200-word reply, he attempts to rationalize every angle of the denial. Conveniently, the topics are also discussed in not one, but two of his books (5).

His “CE-5 Initiative” workshops have also been called to scrutiny. These workshops range in price from $41 for basic discussions about his findings to just under $4000 for a retreat focused on making contact with extraterrestrials (3).

In a user-submitted Paracast forum, a user shared their experience with one of these workshops citing that Greer was unable to facilitate contact (6). Instead he spouted off terms like “information download” and tried to find the significance of noises and lights that were nearby. The user also said that Greer claimed he had “met with the President [Clinton] a number of times astrally and the two would confer. He also says he keeps the Secret Service busy with tips on assassination attempts that he has Remote Viewed and been able to avert.”

steven greer

Business Practices

Greer’s business practices through his non-profit CSETI have also been questioned. In 2013, CSETI relinquished their non-profit status. In the years prior, large amounts of the organization’s funds were paid as consultation fees to Crossing Point, Inc., a business also owned by Greer. Over $830k was paid to Crossing Point in three years, accounting for 70 percent of the organization’s funds (7)(8).

Even the Orion Project for free energy seemed to be nothing more than a shill for Greer’s real estate investments.

Exopolitic’s sources claim that Greer was skimming funds from this project, as well as the Sirius documentary, and individuals working around Greer feared for their lives. One had their brakes cut and another discovered unaccounted for streaks of blood in their home.

The evidence against Greer and his scamming practices continue to mount against any hint of credibility he may have had.

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