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This Scientist Injected Himself With 3.5 Million Yr Old Bacteria for Immortality

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This Scientist Injected Himself With 3.5 Million Yr Old Bacteria for Immortality
It could be the opening of a science fiction/horror movie. The plot unfolds as a scientist injects himself with 3.5 million year old bacteria recovered from a Woolly Mammoth excavation site in Siberia.

This real life story unfolded in September 2015 when Permafrost scientist Anatoli Brouchkov told the Siberian Times that he’d injected himself with this ancient bacteria known as Bacillus F. The bacteria was harvested from a permafrost plant retrieved from the famous Mammoth Mountain in 2009 (1).

The Daily Mail also reported in September that a similar type of bacteria “were discovered by Siberian scientist Vladimir Repin in the brain of an extinct woolly mammoth preserved by permafrost” (2).

So why would an intelligent scientist take such a risk with his own life by injecting himself with ancient bacteria? The Moscow State University Geocryologist Department Head is convinced that the preserved bacteria may hold the key to immortality (3).

According to Brouchkov, the bacteria actually thrived for a millennia in the harsh northern Siberian environment. He and other scientists believe that the bacteria have some type of mechanism that makes them a likely candidate for holding the secret to longevity and health.

Was it recklessness or a calculated decision based on scientific evidence? Brouchkov believes that the mechanism that allowed the Bacillus F to live underneath the frozen Siberian world can be used the same way to increase human lifespans. In fact, it may just be the Holy Grail for human immortality.

Granny Mice Reproduce after Bacteria Injection

Of course, there were tests before Brouchkov decided to inject himself with the bacteria. Those included mice, fruit flies and plant life. He told the Siberian Times that in those experiments, “The bacteria allowed female mice to reproduce at ages far older than typical mice.” Fruit flies had a “positive impact” after being exposed to the bacteria. At the very least, the bacteria could be an answer to infertility.

The Daily Mail reported that in the plant experiments, crops showed higher resistance to frost, stimulated growth and an increase in productivity.

Brouchkov explained why he decided to take such a bold unorthodox step of injecting the bacteria into himself. “After successful experiments on mice and fruit flies, I thought it would be interesting to try the inactivated bacterial culture.” In other words, Brouchkov decided to become a human guinea pig to further the research, albeit not a typical clinical trial. His unorthodox approach to science by injecting himself with the bacteria so far has been successful.

How is Brouchkov doing after his injection of the 3.5 million year old bacteria? For one thing, he has greater stamina. He assessed his health in an RT interview, “I started to work longer. I never had the flu for the last two years, so it still needs the experiments” (4).

Brouchkov and his team of scientists are still analyzing the bacteria DNA in an attempt to understand just what makes it impervious to aging. If they can identify that mechanism, then they can potentially unlock its secret.

The Daily Mail talked with Professor Sergey Petrov, chief researcher at Tyumen Scientific Centre. Petrov described how the experiments so far revealed that, “Bacillus F stimulated the growth and also strengthened the immune system.”

More Research Needed

In an RT (Russian Today) interview Brouchkov explains, “…We have to find first the mechanism how that bacteria prevents aging. So, I think that is the way how this science should develop. What keeps that mechanism alive? What is that mechanism preventing the aging damages and how can we use it for our own benefits?”

While his team is still testing the bacteria on human blood cells, the scientist doesn’t appear concerned about any possible side-effects from his non-clinical experiment on himself.

He reminds that the permafrost is melting, “I guess these bacteria get into the environment, into the water, so the local population, the Yakut people, in fact, for a long time are getting these cells with water, and even seem to live longer than some other nations. So there was no danger for me.”

The next step, after the scientists identify the anti-aging mechanism of the bacteria, would be a clinical trial. Unlike Brouchkov’s mad scientist self-experiment, these would be closely monitored and scientifically measured to assess the effects the bacteria has on the human body. The participants would undergo strict scientific oversight.
Scientists Work to Unlock Anti-Aging Mechanism.

Brouchkov told The Telegraph, “Of course, such experiments need to be conducted in clinic, with the special equipment and statistics. Then we could say clearly about all the effects” (5).

He further explained, “We have to work out how this bacteria prevents aging. I think that is the way this science should develop. What is keeping that mechanism alive? And how can we use it for our own benefits?”

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