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5 Weird Wild Creatures Caught on Tape

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5 Weird Wild Creatures Caught on Tape
Thanks to modern science and technology, scientists have been able to account for many of the creatures that exist on the planet.

In some cases though, these creatures cannot be properly examined in order to determine their origin or to create any scientifically recognized data.

That doesn’t stop people from recording imagery or videos of the bizarre things they encounter – even if only for a brief moment.

5 Strange Creatures

Hook Island Monster

It was a seemingly innocent family vacation in 1965 at the Great Barrier Reef when Robert Le Serrec and his wife spotted an unusual sight. The creature looked like a tadpole in the water but was perceived to be a massive 80 feet long.

The creature was not moving and was considered dead so Le Serrec jumped in the water for a closer look. When the Australian monster swam towards him with mouth open wide, the man promptly reentered his boat.

Many consider the image to be a manipulated hoax, but photo manipulation software wasn’t invented for another 25 years. Individuals attempting to make sense of the image have postulated it was simply a school of fish or potentially a piece of plastic in the sand. Others consider the mammoth cryptid to be Bernard Heuvelmans’ Yellow Belly (1).

Similar creatures have been spotted since the 1800s but Heuvelmans believes it’s just a variation of a shark.

Rods or Skyfish

For a century these unidentified creatures have been filmed in still shots and video capture of the skies. No one knows for sure what they are or where they’re from but their visual presence is undeniable.

Referred to as rods or skyfish, these entities in the skies are perceived to be cylindrical in shape and up to six feet long with the possibility of multiple wings the length of the shape (2).

The entity has been filmed on multiple occasions but moves at speeds perceived up to 200mph, making clear imagery unavailable. Some believe the creature to be an unidentified species while others consider the possibility of an extraterrestrial life force or possibly its vehicle.

Some of those who have sighted the rods also consider the option of an object from a fourth dimension. Others weigh the option of a mechanical creation or simply a bird. Whatever it is, solid physical evidence has yet to be captured.

100-Arm Sea Creature

In September 2014, Ong Han Boon was fishing off the island of Sentosa in Singapore when he pulled an unusual creature from the water. He had captured what he believed to be an alien creature with 100 arms.

The bizarre find appeared to be a cross between an octopus and a starfish with numerous winding arms. The 65-year-old man grabbed his camera phone to share his discovery on Facebook. No one he knew nor any of his research could point him in the right direction so he considered it to be a mutation caused by pollutants in the water.

The odd creature was later discovered to be a basket star, a creature in the same family as sea stars and sand dollars (3). The basket star features long, slender appendages with hooks to attach to prey. The brittle creature is known to live at depths of 6,000 feet and typically feeds on zooplankton.

Monkey Pig

This bizarre creature looks like it could be a strange science experiment. Between the cloven feet, hairy body, and bulging odd facial appearance this creature has some believing it came to be after a cross-species tryst between a monkey and a pig.

However, this creature born in a remote Chinese village is nothing more than a deformed pig (4). The unfortunate appearance is believed to be a rare brain development condition called holoprosencephaly (5). The condition causes the eyes to fail to separate during the development stages like the mythical cyclops.

Neon Blue Sea Dragon

It’s no surprise that the bulk of unidentified creatures come from the sea. Scientists believe many of the creatures living in the depths of the sea have yet to be discovered due to the constraints of the pressure so deep below sea level.

A tiny creature that looks more like a creation from the anime series Pokemon, was spotted on the shores of Queensland, Australia.

Commonly known as the Blue Dragon, the creature looks similar to an Axolotl but with bold blue coloring (6). This sweet looking inch-long creature is actually quite deadly. The sea slug floats at the surface of the water and targets blue bottle jellyfish, ingesting their poison to use against their own predators.

While some creatures can be easily explained, others remain a mystery. Regional folklore and unexplained phenomenon continue to intrigue people to find solid evidence of well-known cryptids (7).

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