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Why Conspiracists Think Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 Were the Same Plane

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Why Conspiracists Think Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 Were the Same Plane
On March 8, 2014, the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 (1) mysteriously disappeared. Despite an extensive search, the aircraft has never been found.

Several months later, on July 17, 2014, another Malaysia Airline flight crashed close to the Russian border in Eastern Ukraine. Flight MH17 had apparently been shot down by a missile.

On the surface, the tragic fate of both these Malaysia Airlines flights in such a short spate of time appeared to be a coincidence. Though for the conspiracists, there was no coincident and both incidents involved the same plane.

As The Week reports, one theory involving the “uncanniness” of the downing of two planes from the same airline in less than three months with little explanation or official conclusion, is that air carrier which crashed in a field in Eastern Ukraine was the formerly vanished flight MH370 and wasn’t the MH17 scheduled to travel from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur (2).

The notion that the floored flights were in fact the same plane has gathered momentum on the alternative news sites.

Humansarefree.com professes so-called evidence that proves the plane wreckage presented to the world as Flight MH17 actually belong to the “lost” flight MH370 (3).

According to the site, Malaysia Airlines renovated their planes a couple of years prior to the crash. The alterations made to the aircraft included modifying the interior and blocking certain windows.

Plane Wreckage

Humansarefree claims that the image of a piece of wreckage avowed by the mainstream media as belonging to the crashed plane clearly shows a window next to the door and below a Malaysian flag, and is therefore an older photo of the aircraft.

The alternative news site claims that buzz the image created among the alternative media, sent the secret agencies involved in the “cover up” into panic and the official Reuters images showing the piece of wreckage were actually Photoshopped, revealed by the fact the flag does not properly align to the window, compared to how it does on the pictures of the original MH17.

Further “proof” that the Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 were in fact the same plane cited by Humansarefree.com include the fact the passports allegedly found at the crash site were both invalid and pristine, as none of the passports presented had any visas or stamps and all looked in brand new condition.

Furthermore, a group of sound experts that analyzed the sound recording of the plane apparently came to the conclusion that the tape was faked, comprising of numerous unrelated recordings.

The Humansarefree.com report cites Nikolai Popov, a reputable sound and voice analysis, stating:

This audio recording is not an integral file and is made up of several fragments.
The sound expert claims the audio tape clearly shows it was “created almost a day before the airliner crash” (3).

deaths malaysian plane

The Theory of the Same Plane

So what possible reason could there be for the flights MH370 and MH17 being the same plane?

Worldtruth.tv is among the many sites that argue the theory that MH370 was hijacked and flown to Diego Garcia, the United States military base in the Indian Ocean, which is believed to be within range to where the plane disappeared. According to such conspiracy theorists the US military then deliberately crashed the plane several months later in a “false flag” operation designed to discredit the Russians.

The theory that the “US propaganda machine” staged the shooting down of MH17 in order to discredit Russia is full of flaws. One principle flaw is the fact that this arguably fantastical theory fails to explain why a similar US “propaganda victory” couldn’t have been achieved more simply, by shooting down any passenger aircraft on the Russia/Ukraine border.

What are your thoughts on the surmise that the fated Malaysia Airline MH370 and MH17 were the same plane in a plot concocted by US officials to deliberately discredit Russia?

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Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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