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Over 50 Years After Dyatlov Pass Incident Another Hiker Dies

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Over 50 Years After Dyatlov Pass Incident Another Hiker Dies
Tourists have discovered a body in the Dyatlov Pass in the Ural Mountains in Russia, the same spot where nine hikers died under mysterious circumstances in 1959. According to local security officials, a group of nine tourist hikers contacted the emergency services when discovering a body that has yet to be identified.

Officials apparently lost contact with the group of hikers, who had set off on an expedition along the notoriously difficult paths to the town of Ivdel on January 1st 2016. Due to bad weather, emergency services were not able to reach the site where the body was discovered.

As an RT report states, the site where the body was reported to be found is the same site where nine hikers mysteriously died 50 years ago (1). The deaths are still shrouded in mystery and controversy.

Similar to the mysteries mapped out in Top Secret Writer’s feature on the “4 Most Mysterious Unsolved Murders of All Time” (2), the Dyatlov Pass deaths have been described as being one of the “eeriest mysteries in Russian history.”

In fact, the name “Dyatlov Pass” was given after the Igor Dyatlov, the leader of the group of hikers that went missing in 1959. The group had planned to trek 350 kilometres on skies through the Northern Urals to Mount Otorten.

However, the group failed to report in to a scheduled end point in the village of Vizhay. Rescuers managed to find the hikers’ tent on the slopes of the “Mountain of the Dead.”

Strange Clues

Casting further mystery on the incident was the fact investigators found the tent had been slashed from the inside with a sharp object.

Investigations also discovered that some of the footprints that led down a hill for approximately 1.5 kilometres were barefoot or just in socks, suggesting the group had fled the tent in panic.

When the bodies were discovered, they revealed some of the hikers were only wearing their underwear, again, augmenting the fact they had fled their camp in a hurry.

Broken ribs, and a hiker’s tongue missing, revealed the hikers had been subjected to some kind of struggle. Though as the Daily Mail reports, despite broken bones and horrific internal injuries, strangely, no external wounds were discovered on the skin (3).

Enhancing the mysterious circumstances of the deaths further was the fact that following investigations, certain garments of clothing were found to contain higher than normal levels of radiation.

tents dyatlov pass incident

Uncertain Cause of Death

The Soviet criminal investigation into the incident was unable to determine an official cause of death and the final report stated an “unknown compelling force” had been responsible for killing the group of hikers.

The unsolved mystery has sparked a string of theories, including an avalanche killed the hikers, they had been subjected to government military tests, a vicious encounter with a strange creature, and even extra-terrestrial activity.

With another death taking place in the same site almost 50 years later, fresh speculation and theories into the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass are likely to circulate.

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Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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