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The Strange Hungarian Roswell Crash of 1996

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The Strange Hungarian Roswell Crash of 1996
On February 7, 2016, a ufologist from Slovakia claimed to leak UFO files regarded as “top secret” to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, from the Hungarian Air Force.

The Texas UFO Sightings, dedicated to sharing fascinating UFO reports from around the world, found the so-called ‘top secret UFO leak’ compelling enough that it decided to publish the findings and invite the UFO community to share their thoughts and views on the strange UFO case.

The files are centered on a document that dates back to September 18, 1996 when a crash took place between a Hungarian air force pilot and an alleged extra-terrestrial aircraft. The report also highlights so-called interactions with a living ET, which was recovered from the crash, as well as an alleged plan to disclose information about the crash from the public.

As Texas UFO Sightings is quick to point out, it is important to note that regardless of whether or not the incident actually involved alien life, a crash in the town of Papa to the south of Lajosmizse in central Hungary really did take place.

Official Public Record

We know that the accident really took place due to an official public record made about the 1996 crash. Ejection lists the accident and states that hydraulic problems caused an aircraft to crash during a routine training flight from Papa (2).

According to Ejection History, Captain Attila Dobay was ejected from the plane which crashed at 18:42 hours, close to a main road between Papa and Adastevel, and the aircraft was completely burnt out.

There are other far more fantastical elements to the story. According to the ten page plus document, two alien bodies were dragged from the crash. One of the bodies is alleged to have been dead and the other alive. The document states that the living alien looked like a “small humanoid man”, which as Texas UFO Sightings notes, sounds a lot like an alleged Roswell alien sighting.

The report goes on to inform that the Hungarian/Slovakian government was unable to learn a great deal from the living alien. The government did, however, speculate that the alien was angry and had plotted an escape which would rely on “cosmic energy” that was beyond the Air Force’s understanding.

papa, hungary

UFO Reports a Profit Making Venture?

Texas UFO Sightings also notes how the incident finally got declassified as operation ‘Second Object’, with the government deciding that anything related to the case should be disclosed from the public.

In a translation from Hungary into English, the documents are cited as stating:

“Everything else that refers to “mo”, we have to hide from the public.”

The same report also notes how, intriguingly, there is a noticeable lack of documentation on the so-called UFO crash in Hungary.

The idea of UFO reports and so-called alien encounters being the source of a profit-making venture has surfaced numerous times. For example, in 2012, Top Secret Writers wrote about the possibility of Hollywood movie producers “cashing in” on the story of disappearances in Nome, Alaska by producing a fabricated tale about alien encounters (3).

However, unlike many other examples of individuals and groups profiting from alleged UFO and alien encounters, with the Hungary UFO crash there seems to have been no attempt to profit from the incident, which is fairly unique for such a strange so-called human encounter with aliens.

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