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Proof That Weather Modification is Happening Under Our Noses

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Proof That Weather Modification is Happening Under Our Noses
The Internet is buzzing about an ad that appeared in the Pasadena Star News on January 22, 29 and February 5, 2016. The ad was published as a Notice of Intent to Conduct a Weather Modification Program by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works.

The Los Angeles County’s Notice of Intent states that it will implement the weather modification project in an effort to “increase precipitation in the San Gabriel Mountains.” This also includes the Pacoima Wash, Tulunga Wash and of course the San Gabriel River watersheds.

Some people point to this ad as the “first time admission” by the government that weather modification is going. This simply isn’t true.

The latest ad isn’t the first time that LA County has used cloud seeding in an effort to produce rain or had to make legal notifications about the program. Many other states and countries have used this technology for over five decades (1).

LA County in particular has been conducting cloud seeding since the 1950s. Along with each of those projects have been other such ads as required by law (2).

LA County’s History of Cloud Seeding

According to an April 25, 1991 LA Times article, LA County resumed its cloud seeding program 10 years after it discontinued a similar program. The program was blamed for “devastating mudslides” that occurred in the San Gabriel Mountain foothills (3).

Suffering a 5-year drought, LA County resorted to the program once more in an effort to somewhat remedy the lack of water.

The last LA County Public Works cloud seeding contract was in 2009. It was also with North American Weather Consultants. The contract ended in 2011. The new four-year contract for 2016 is “identical to the 2009 cloud seeding contract.”

The public was aware of these past projects and also had input. According to the LA County website, like now, a Mitigated Negative Declaration was published on July 24, 2009 in various newspapers:

–> Los Angeles Daily News
–> Los Angeles Times
–> Pasadena Star News
–> San Gabriel Valley Tribune

In addition to the legal notifications, “copies of the DMND were also sent to 8 cities and 11 local libraries.”

Also this time around, a “Notice of Determination was filed and available for public inspection on October 22, 2015 for 30 days.”

From January 22 through February 5, 2016, “A Notice of Intent was published in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star, and Los Angeles Daily newspapers.”

cloud seeding

Weather Modification Consultants Are Real

Moving beyond conspiracy arguments is some tangible data found within the next part of the LA County’s Notice of Intent. The notice states, “The project will be operated and supervised by North American Weather Consultants, a certified weather modification consultant.”

It is possible that this is news to anyone unaware that there is such a thing as a “certified weather modification consultant”. In fact, a list of individuals certified either as Weather Modification Operators or Managers can be found at the Weather Modification Association. The organization’s tagline reads, “Promoting research, development and understanding of weather modification for beneficial uses.” (4)

What is most striking about the Weather Modification Association’s website is the convenient interactive map that illustrates the various current weather modification programs. Website visitors can click on the map graphics depicted as either with a rain cloud or a snowflake for the weather modification program category (5).

For example, the weather modification programs are listed either as a rain enhancement, hail suppression or snowpack augmentation project. Some of the rain enhancement programs are also paired with hail suppression programs.

The map demonstrates that LA County’s weather modification program isn’t the first for California. Such projects currently exist in Santa Barbara, Kings River Project for South-Central California (6) and Sacramento Municipal Utility District.
Other states shown as participating in these types of weather modification programs include:

–> Colorado
–> Idaho
–> North Dakota
–> Oklahoma
–> Texas
–> Utah

weather modification

North American Weather Consultants

Listed in the Pasadena Star News, North American Weather Consultants’ website states the company was incorporated in 1950. NAWC “specializes in providing Weather Modification, Air Quality Services, Ambient Monitoring, Tracer Studies, Applied Meteorological Studies, and Expert Testimony to clients in the U.S.A. and around the world” (7).

The “About” section reads:

…NAWC has nearly 60 years of continuous involvement in weather modification.” During those 60 years, NAWC has “conducted more than 200 weather modification projects involving snowfall or rainfall augmentation world-wide since 1950.” (8)
These projects had specific objectives, such as increasing natural rainfall or snowfall. These were conducted in a “selected target area” through the use of “cloud seeding agents”. These agents are designed to “increase the efficiency of the natural precipitation process.”

One of the most commonly used seeding agents is “microscopic sized particles of silver iodide.” According to NAWC, the increased precipitation is:

–> 10%-15% (Wintertime cold climate areas)
–> 20%-25% (More maritime tropical regions)

The services that the company offers include:

–> Airborne Cloud Physics and Tracer Studies
–> Aircraft Modifications and U.S. FAA Certifications
–> Feasibility/Design/Evaluation Studies
–> Fog Seeding/Fog Dissipation
–> Snowfall and Rainfall Augmentation
–> Technology Transfer/Seeding Equipment

The weather modification projects and consulting services offered by NAWC go beyond that of the US, “… including Europe, South America, Central America, Asia, and the Middle East.”

man-made good weather

LA County’s Game Plan for Modifying Rainfall

The LA County notice briefly explains the process that will be used in an attempt to induce rainfall by cloud seeding. There is more information available on the county website.

The silver iodide particles can either be dispersed via aircraft or ground. LA County opted for ground-based dispersing into “suitable storm clouds.” The project will be ongoing for the next four years. As it’s underway until April 15, 2016, it will resume annually from October 15 through April 15 during the four-year project.

Concerns about flooding are addressed along with explanations about the kind of monitoring that will be maintained, such as “cloud seeding will not be used in areas that were impacted by fire damage within the past 5 years to prevent debris and mudflow.”

While many people claim that weather modification via cloud seeding is a highly secretive activity, such websites as the LA County, Weather Modification Association and respective companies like NAWC demonstrate that the information isn’t being hidden at all. In fact, it’s easily accessible to anyone doing a word search.

With a little quick digging around the Internet, anyone can find tomes of information covering over a half-century of cloud seeding projects designed to control the weather.

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