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Are Unknown Creatures Living in the NC Sewer System?

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Are Unknown Creatures Living in the NC Sewer System?
When we think of creatures living in sewer systems, furry, four-legged rats immediately spring to mind. News has, however, surfaced that there might be another creature living in the underground sewer systems of North Carolina – a strange, unknown creature that has biologists baffled.

A local North Carolina newspaper reported on a group of “unknown alien life forms” found growing in a North Carolina sewer.

The Hub Pages’ Paranormal Legend and Lore section elaborates on the story, explaining that at the time the report was published, local biologists surfaced, claiming the strange creatures were tubiflex worms (1). This theory was rejected by other biologists, who said the creature couldn’t have been tubiflex worms as they typically live in open water and have never been found in sewer systems.

Intent on getting to the bottom of the sewer creature mystery, Duke University biologist Mark Davis took into the Raleigh sewers a camera capable of taking a sample of what it is photographing. After studying the samples, Davis said the creatures in the sewers are not a type of worm but are more closely related to the octopus family.

Intelligent Creatures

Perhaps even more astounding is Davis’ claim that the creatures he took samples of are intelligent. According to the biologist, when he photographed the creatures, one attempted to grab the equipment and prevent it from cutting flesh from another of the creatures.

Posing the absurdity surrounding the prospect of intelligent worms, Davis asked:

“Have you ever been fishing and had one worm try to keep you from pulling its friend on a hook?”

The biologist went on to describe the unusual sewer creatures as being carbon based and having small front arms.

In a press conference, Professor Davis caused some controversy when he likened the creatures, if they were worms, to being like the worms from the science fiction movie, Men In Black. The professor, however, refused to answer when pressed about whether he thought the creatures were an alien life form.

When a video about the slimy creature living in the sewers of Raleigh in North Carolina was posted on YouTube, it attracted millions of viewers from around the world, intrigued to see what the mysterious sewer creature was about.

A horde of interesting conspiracy theories inevitably surfaced, with many hailing the creature as ‘extra-terrestrial’ and others likening it to the Montauk Monster, a strange creature that was discovered off the coast of New York in 2008 (2).

Just What Is It?

There are some who are convinced the sewer “monster” is nothing more than a colony of worms. Ed Buchan, an environmental coordinator at the Raleigh Public Utilities Department, is one such thinker. Buchan told ABC News that staff biologists at the Department had confirmed the strange creature was a colony of worms (3).

According to Buchan, the worms live in both pond sediment and sewage, although he had never seen them in sewers before.

However, Professor Kwak from North Carolina State University, disputes the notion that the sewer creatures are worms, claiming they are a colony of bryozoans.

I think it’s a colony of bryozoans,” Kwak told reporters, adding: “They are small animals like a hydra that live together it colonies, and they stick out tentacles to feed. And when they’re disturbed, they withdraw into small tubes that they’ve built.” (3)

Disagreement continues as to what the mysterious North Carolina sewer creatures really are.
What are your thoughts? Worms? Bryozoans? Octopus? Alien invaders perhaps?

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  • I think you’ve been had.

    I couldn’t find any reference to a Mark Davis at Duke, biology professor or not. There’s no reference to the name of the newspaper at the Hub Pages link which is a little weird isn’t it? Instead, there’s a curious picture of the corner of what is supposedly a scanned newspaper article. I haven’t been able to find a newspaper with a name starting with “The Raleigh” that has been in print in forever either. I’m 99% sure it’s a photoshop and not a particularly good one.

  • Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll have to dig a little deeper and update the article if it’s warranted. Thanks again.

  • No problem. Happy hunting!


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