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Project Condign – When the British Studied the UFO Problem

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Project Condign – When the British Studied the UFO Problem
Project Condign refers to a secret study of UFOs that was carried out between 1997 and 2000 by the British Government’s Ministry of Defence (MoD). The findings of the secret research were put together into a 400-page document known as the ‘Unidentified Aeria Phenomena in the UK Defence Region,’ which was code-named as Project Condign. The paper comprises of the 18 months of investigative research by some of the UK’s most experienced researchers.

On the UFO Casebook’s website, authors David Clarke and Gary Anthony provide insight and analysis in a paper titled (1) ‘The British MoD Study: Project Condign.’ On learning of the existence of the MoD’s UFO study in 2005, Gary Anthony and Dr. David Clarke, a lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, made a request using the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) to have the findings of the report released. Under the FOI, the Ministry of Defence published the formerly secret UFO report.

So what exactly is Project Condign all about and did it actually find anything about UFOs?

Work on the report began in 1996 and the study was not completed until 2000. Only 11 copies of the original report were made and it was classified as being ‘Secret UK Eyes Only.’

The report relates to the MoD’s involvement with the UFO phenomena which began in the 1950s. At this time, the MoD’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Henry Tizard, urged that the sightings of UFOs should be given proper scientific study. As a result, the aptly named Flying Saucer Working Party, a committee devoted to the study, was born.

However, the Flying Saucer Working Party’s conclusions found that UFO sightings were predominantly hoaxes, delusions and misidentifications, and the group recommended that no further investigations should be made.

High Profile UFO Cases

In 1952, when former Prime Minister Winston Churchill pressed the committee for answers and ‘the truth’ about flying saucers, coupled with the fact there was a spate of high-profile UFO encounters involving the Royal Air Force (RAF), the MoD, as Nick Pope writes, “was forced to rethink the sceptical conclusions” of the Flying Saucer Working Party, which were overturned (2).

By the mid-1960s, the MoD confirmed that UFO sightings in Britain were being investigated by the ‘Air Force Technical Intelligence Department’. Due to the Department stating it was its policy to “Play down the subject of UFOs and to avoid attaching undue attention or publicity to it,” allegations that the MoD was involved in UFO cover-ups and conspiracies began to circulate.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, the MoD continued to receive reports about UFO sightings. Nick Pope, a British journalist who was an employee at the MoD from 1985 to 2006, was involved in analyzing the UFO project and admits that while the majority of sightings could be explained as the misidentification of everyday objects, such as weather balloons, meteors and satellites, some of the cases were “considerably more interesting.”

Pope describes one of the “considerably more interesting cases” of the UFO sightings featured in the Project Condign report. In 1993, in the UK, a “massive wave of UFO sightings occurred.”

According to Pope, this huge wave of UFO sightings culminated in a “massive triangular-shaped craft flying over RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury in the Midlands.” According to witnesses at the scene, including a meteorological officer and a RAF Police patrol, they saw a UFO that was several hundred feet in diameter and fired a narrow beam of light to the ground while emitting a low frequency humming noise.

“It moved slowly across the countryside before shooting off to the horizon several times faster than an RAF fighter jet,” said witnesses.

project condign

New News or Same Old Thing?

Despite intriguing cases like this one and many other seemingly bizarre UFO sightings, witnessed by credible people holding credible positions, the question still remains – Did Project Condign actually discover anything new, controversial or amazing related to UFOs?

The general conclusion of the report is that the principle causes of UFO sightings are the misidentification of both natural and man-made objects.

The report concludes:

“There is no evidence that any UAP, seen in the UKADR [UK Air Defence region], are incursions by air-objects of any intelligent (extra-terrestrial or foreign) origin, or that they represent any hostile intent.”

Top Secret Writers loves to report about unusual cases involving UFO sightings, like the ones reported by Mark Whittington in 2015 about the four most unusual UFO sighting reported on Reddit (3).

Other than a few ‘explainable’ sightings such as the massive triangular-shaped craft flying over RAF Cosford in the UK, Project Condign mainly reports on sightings of ordinary objects that were misidentified – Hardly the controversial, top secret evidence of extra-terrestrial existence, Project Condign was hyped up to be.

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