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CIA Highlights UFO Documents for Believers and Skeptics

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CIA Highlights UFO Documents for Believers and Skeptics
In 1978, the CIA declassified hordes of documents related to its investigations of UFOs, predominantly from the 1940s and 1950s. The declassified documents provide ammunition for both UFO skeptics and believers to make their cases about Unidentified Objects more believable (1).

The CIA’s website, provides details of what it considers to be some of the most intriguing cases taken from its declassified UFO documents. Both skeptics and believers will find these cases interesting.

One interesting case which augments the argument that UFOs do exist is related to a case from 23 August 1952, when ‘flying saucers’ were seen in East Germany (2).

The witnesses of the case claim an object “resembling a huge flying pan”, which was around 15 meters in diameter, landed in the clearing of a forest in the Soviet area of Germany.

The declassified document includes the witness’s statement describing the strange UFO sighting in 1952.

Lack of Sound Data

Another incident that UFO believers could certainly use to enhance their argument, again took place in 1952, when UFOs were seen flying over Spain and North Africa (3).

One incident took place in Barcelona where a “strange object” was seen flying around 2,000 meters above the ground. The object left a trail of smoke, was shaped like a rocket and proceeded in a straight line.

The other documented case took place in Tunisia when many inhabitants of Sousse saw a flying object travelling at a “dizzy speed from west to east and emitting a pale green light.”

Another case supporting ‘camp believers’ that was declassified by the CIA in 1978 occurred at the Belgian Congo Uranium Mines. As the declassified document states, the two “fiery disks”:

Glided in elegant curves and changed their position many times, so that from below they sometimes appeared as plates, ovals and simply lines. Suddenly, both disks hovered in one spot and then took off in a unique zigzag flight to the northeast” (4).

When it comes to UFOs, where there’s a believer there is almost always a skeptic. Some of the CIA’s findings when it investigated UFO sightings during the 40s and 50s, would definitely give the skeptics reason to make a sound argument during a UFO debate.

For example, the Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects produced in January 1953, refers to the UFO panel as being impressed with the “lack of sound data in the great majority of case histories” (5).

The document refers to specific cases and determines that following a review and discussion of the cases the panel concluded that “reasonable explanations could be suggested for most sightings.” The report also stated that on the majority of cases, it would be a “great waste of effort to try to solve most of the sightings.”

screenshot of cia document

CIA’s Documents

Further evidence that would certainly help the UFO skeptics make a case is the CIA’s unclassified Office Memorandum on Flying Saucers from March, 1949 (6).

The memo states that “no suggestion is noted that there is a possibility that many of the objects may be “free” meteorological sounding balloons.”

When it comes to the CIA’s connection with UFO incidents, Top Secret Writers is always keen to report on the United States intelligent service’s involvement with UFO investigations (7).

What do you think about these reports? Are you a UFO skeptic or UFO believer?

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