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Cosmic Top Secret is Real But It’s Not What You Think

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Cosmic Top Secret is Real But It’s Not What You Think
The term “Cosmic Top Secret” has caused a degree of confusion, especially among UFO enthusiasts. The confusion stems from a number of statements (1) made by a retired United States Army Sergeant Major named Robert O. Dean.

In 1964, the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe had prepared a document that assessed the possible military threat posed by UFOs to NATO (2).

The alliance includes the United States, Canada, and most of the countries of Europe.

This document was alleged to have been designated “NATO Cosmic Top Secret.”

UFO enthusiasts assumed that “cosmic top secret” has to refer to any information that pertains to UFOs, the existence of aliens, and alien technology.

In fact, the truth is a little more mundane than that.

No Such Classification

First, no such classification as “NATO Cosmic Top Secret” exists because it is redundant. According to a NATO Security briefing given by the United States Marine Corps (3), “Cosmic Top Secret” is the highest classification designation for documents shared by the member states and militaries of NATO.

The designation has its origins in the 1950s when the COSMIC system was established to create a NATO system of classification. The other levels of classification are, in descending order:

–> NATO Secret
–> NATO Confidential
–> NATO Restricted

Each of these levels can also have the added designation of “ATOMAL”, having to do with nuclear weapons.

Second, Dr. Gregory Pedlow, a SHAPE historian, did an extensive search of NATO records and could not find any document such as the one that Mr. Dean claimed existed or even find any reference to such a document. His conclusion is not that UFOs do not exist, but that no plausible evidence existed that NATO was concerned with the phenomenon.

NATO was created in 1949 to counter the threat of Soviet expansionism in Europe in the wake of World War II. The end of the war in Europe found the armies of the Soviet Union occupying much of Eastern Europe, including Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and East Germany. These countries soon became part of the Soviet dominated Warsaw Pact. The militaries of the NATO alliance deployed to repel a possible Soviet invasion of the rest of Europe.

Because each of the member countries’ militaries had their own systems of classification, a system has to be developed that would provide the same levels of designation for documents and information that would be shared among all of the member states of the alliance. Hence, instead of “Top Secret” which the American government uses, “Cosmic Top Secret” became the equivalent for NATO.

nato partnerships


NATO successfully deterred Soviet aggression for more than 40 years, making it one of the most successful alliances in history, which is fortunate, considering the potential of a ground war in Europe going nuclear.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO became an alliance more concerned with general threats (4) to world peace, such as Islamic terrorism.

The coalition expanded to include most of the countries of the former Warsaw Pact as well as the newly-independent Baltic republics.

Ironically, with the rise of President Vladimir Putin of Russia and his imperial ambitions in the Ukraine and other places, NATO has gone full circle back to dealing with a threat from the east.

While little if any evidence exists that NATO ever concerned itself with UFOs, except perhaps on the theory there were secret Soviet weapons, the idea persists among conspiracy theorists. To be sure, absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence.

On the other hand, the generals and statesmen who ran NATO during the decades of the Cold War were solely focused on the threat of an invasion by the Soviet Union. Next to that, chasing after flying saucers would seem to be a distraction at best.

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  • mlmontagne

    Well, obviously, the fact that Pedlow could find no trace of the document simply proves how effective the security surrounding it is.
    As for NATO being an effective alliance, I am reminded of an historian I heard on TV one time. She was of the opinion that Hadrian’s Wall was a failure, because the Picts never attacked it. All of the money spent building it, and manning and maintaining it for three centuries were completely wasted since no assault was ever made against the works. Some people just don’t understand the concept of deterrence.

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