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The Battle Between DOJ and FBI Over Hillary Email Probe

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The Battle Between DOJ and FBI Over Hillary Email Probe
Jane Sanders, who would be the First Lady of the United States if her husband, Senator Bernie Sanders, is elected president, recently suggested, “It would be nice if the FBI moved it along,” referring to the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s (1) unsecured email server (2).

The sentiment is only natural. Clinton is beating Sanders soundly for the Democratic nomination. The only thing that might derail that prospect would be a criminal referral by the FBI to the Justice Department advising that indictments be handed down against Clinton.

The affair of the email server is just the latest scandal to rock the Clintons in their decades-long career as public figures. At the core of the controversy is the fact that when Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State, she maintained a private email server that she used for both official and private business.

The server was unsecured, unlike an official government server, which meant that anything stored on it could be exposed to foreign intelligence organizations. A large number of classified documents (3) have been found to have been on the server, which exposes Ms. Clinton to charges of violating the Espionage Act.

Suspicions have also been raised that Clinton’s reason for using her own server was to keep nefarious dealings from government scrutiny. She has been accused of using her office as secretary of state to benefit foreign parties in return for contributions to the Clinton Foundation (4).

A number of contributors to the charity have been discovered to have received special treatment for trade and other deals by the State Department while Clinton was secretary of state.

Clinton handed over the server after deleting large parts of what she called personal information. But computer forensic experts at the FBI are thought to have recovered a significant amount of this “wiped” information.

How Serious Is the Situation?

Opinions regarding the seriousness of the server scandal are understandably split along partisan lines. Republicans, fuming over decades of dodgy activity by the Clinton family, would like to see her indicted, put on trial, convicted, and put into prison.

The Clintons claim, as they have about every other scandal dating back to Whitewater, that it is much ado about nothing. Judge Andrew Napolitano, who has sources within the FBI, claims that the bureau has “overwhelming evidence” with which to indict and convict Clinton (5).

The question arises, if the FBI has enough to charge Clinton, when will the indictments take place? The official position of the Bureau is that it is not on a clock when it comes to winding up the investigation. In theory, Hillary Clinton could be the Democratic nominee, campaigning in the general election, when FBI agents could be sent to put the cuffs on her, read her her rights, and perp walk her to jail.

The problem is that the FBI, a nonpolitical organization, cannot indict Clinton on its own volition. The call would be that of the Justice Department.

Political observers wonder if Attorney General Loretta Lynch would actually indict the one hope the Democratic Party has of retaining the White House.

President Barack Obama has vowed that no political interference would be employed to shield Clinton from legal peril (6). Widespread doubts exist over the president’s veracity.

clinton swearing in sos

What Might Happen

If, contrary to President Obama’s assurances, Attorney General Lynch decided to sit on an indictment, every possibility exists for chaos to break out.

The FBI could start leaking evidence (7) from its investigation, something that would be almost as damaging to Clinton’s political fortunes as an indictment.

The theory behind a stonewall of the email scandals is that the clock would be run out until Hillary Clinton is elected president, making criminal charges all but impossible.

On the other hand, if a Republican were to be elected president, all bets are off. Donald Trump has already vowed that he would pursue a criminal indictment of Clinton (8).

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