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How the CIA Fuels America’s Drug Problem to Fund Covert Operations

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How the CIA Fuels America’s Drug Problem to Fund Covert Operations
According to a June 2016 article on Veterans Today (VT) website, the CIA not only supports the Afghanistan drug trafficking, but also designed the “Afghan narcotics economy”. This accusation was made in an email interview conducted by Edu Montesanti, Pravda with former Parliamentarian in the National Assembly of Afghanistan and human rights activist Malalaï Joya (1).

Joya’s email sates that the narcotics economy is also supported by US foreign policy. “There are reports in Afghanistan that even US army is engaged in the drugs trafficking: drug mafia is in the hold of power and supported by the West.”

If you aren’t familiar with the VT website, some articles are written as GPD as this cited article is. The website explains that “GPD is our General Posting Department whereby we share posts from other sources along with general information with our readers. It is managed by our Editorial Board.” Various sources, such as US officers and DEA agents are cited within the article (2).

US Officers, Former CIA and DEA Agent Claims of CIA Drug Operations

VT’s article includes Joya’s claims of US officers stating they were “directly involved in drug operations in Afghanistan” and were aware of the “CIA’s involveme

According to the website, DEA agent, Edward Follis claimed that “the CIA ‘turned a blind eye’ to the drug trafficking coming out of Afghanistan. The New Yorker states that Follis discusses his assignment in Afghanistan in his memoir that he wrote with Douglas Century, “The Dark Art: My Undercover Life in Narco-Terrorism” (3).

The New Yorker recounts how Follis befriended Haji Juma Khan Mohammadhasni during his assignment in Kabul. The New Yorker described Mohammadhasni as “one of the baddest of all Afghanistan bad guys…” who was also a “close associate of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar.” VT states that also coming forward was a former CIA analyst and Afghanistan war veteran John Abbotsford, “confessed that CIA had a role in drug smuggling operations.”

However, there is very little reporting about such an earth shattering story. World News Daily Report states that Abbotsford was convicted of possessing child pornography and claimed that the US government framed him in an effort to prevent the publishing of his book, “The CIA in Afghanistan: 30 Years of Drug Smuggling” (4).

There is very little to substantiate this particular story. The World News Daily Report article states that Abbotsford was 38 at the time of his conviction. There’s no date on the article, but at the end of the article it’s stated, “In 2010, Abbotsford, 33, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder…”

This would mean that if Abbotsford was 38 when convicted, then his conviction occurred in 2015. The article cites its news source as the Cheyenne Herald. However, according to a discussion forum, the Cheyenne Herald closed its doors in 2012 only 10 years after it first opened. These discrepancies in dates make the validity of the Abbotsford story questionable (5).

drug route map

Are America’s Drug Eradication Efforts Pointless?

In contrast to the statements about the US orchestrating and running the Afghanistan drug trade are the US efforts to eradicate drugs over the past 10 years at a cost of “8 billion dollars” to taxpayers.

VT points out that the Afghanistan opium trade currently accounts for 90% of the opium supplied to the world. If Afghanistan was part of this eradication project, VT questions why the US is unable to locate poppy fields with drones and other modern technology to easily destroy them in its war against the drug trade.

According to VT, the answer is simple; the opium trade was previously used by the US to fund the Cold War through “Mujahideen forces”. VT also claims, “There are reports of US forces admitting that drugs are flown out of Afghanistan in US planes.”

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Pasts Claims of CIA Drug Trafficking

Most people probably don’t blink at such accusations since the CIA has been linked to supporting those involved in drug trafficking in the past. Many of those past associations have been CIA assets that were also involved in the drug trade, such as the Nicaraguan Contra during the 1980s.

Time magazine reported that the 1989 Pulitzer writer Gary Webb, penned a 1996 series for the San Jose Mercury News (three articles in all). In the series, Webb claimed that during the 1980s the CIA was “in part” to blame for the trafficking of crack cocaine into the US (6).

Known as the Nicaraguan Contra scandal, Webb later published a book, “Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras and the Crack Cocaine Explosion” detailing the results of his year-long research into the drug trafficking. His newspaper series and book subsequently ignited a heated controversy.

VT states that Webb was “eventually driven to suicide by an extensive smear campaign by the mainstream media.”

In 1989, The George Washington University’s (GWU) National Security Archive filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit and obtained “hand-written notebooks” that belonged to National Security Council aide Oliver North (7).

North assisted in the contra war operation. During the Reagan Administration, he was involved with numerous covert operations. The GWU archives reveal that these and various declassified memos that North received demonstrate how “North was repeatedly informed of contra ties to drug trafficking” (8).

These are the same kind of ties that Webb made between the CIA and the drug trade. The historical connection is one that VT claims continues today.

The VT article states that the Afghanistan narcotic trade was “one of the reasons for invasion of Afghanistan by the US.” This claim is followed with the statement that the narcotic trade is “…the 3rd important trade commodity in terms of income after weapon and oil business.”

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