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Stanton Friedman and John Alexander Debate Was Not a Debate at All

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Stanton Friedman and John Alexander Debate Was Not a Debate at All
In 2011, Stanton Friedman, a professional ufologist and retired nuclear physicist went head to head with Colonel John Alexander, a retired US Army infantry officer, at a UFO conference in Arizona. The debate is available to watch on YouTube and posted further down on this page (1).

One thing that stands out when you watch the footage is that instead of being a fiery debate of conflicting opinions, both Friedman and Alexander ultimately believe the same thing – that UFOs are non-human in origin. We have to admit that UFO debate in Arizona is merely a discussion about the topic of UFOs rather than a debate.

Stanton Friedman is a well-known name within the subject of UFOs. He has worked on large research and development ufology projects and is the original civilian investigator of the infamous UFO incident at Roswell (2).

Colonel John Alexander is a retired US Army officer and colonel and a well-known advocate of military applications of the paranormal and the development of non-lethal weapons. Alexander has given many lectures and written books on the reality of UFOs. Alexander is married to Victoria Lucas Alexander, an alien abduction researcher.

During the debate, Colonel Alexander admits that UFOs are things we don’t understand. When prompted by the moderator that UFOs are not built by or under the control of human beings, Alexander says he would agree with that.

In the discussion, Stanton Friedman says after 53 years of studying and investigating UFOs, he believes some so-called UFOs are intelligently-controlled, extra-terrestrial spacecraft. Friedman admits that himself and John Alexander are “not far apart” on any aspects of whether UFOs are human controlled or not.

“They are not from here” insists Friedman, who refers to UFOs as ‘intruders’. “We are not the brightest else we wouldn’t be killing each other,” says Friedman, adding, there’s “No reason to say all aliens are good guys.”

Majestic 12

Throughout the debate there is a lot of reference to Majestic 12, or MJ12, the code name for an alleged top secret committee of military leaders, scientists and government officials, which was formed in the 1940s to investigate alien spacecraft.

Friedman particularly makes a lot of reference to Majestic 12 and asks when is the government going to admit it hasn’t found the truth about UFOs.

Friedman says we need to get data out there and spend money to take advantage of what we know. Colonel Alexander also admits there needs to be a thorough investigation into the subject of UFOs. According to Col. Alexander, the US government is choosing to ignore UFO stories because it is ‘too tough to handle’.

Both men agree that UFO sceptics have little to go on and are unwilling to challenge each other. As Colonel Alexander says, the “skeptics aren’t skeptical enough.”

We have to admit that in this particular debate, the discussion’s moderator seems to be debating more intensely than the two ‘debaters’, as a large proportion of the comments made on the YouTube video of the debate agree. One commenter writes:

“The moderator is debating harder than anyone! He is really full of himself, and makes multiple statements without any justification or evidence, then acts as if he’s won the debate that he’s only supposed to be moderating.”

First-Hand Accounts

Interestingly, the release of both men’s books are frequently mentioned throughout the debate.

In 2011 Col. Alexander released as book titled ‘UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, a so-called “never-before-heard” first-hand account of a government’s experience on the exploration of UFOs. Stanton Friedman has written a series of UFO-related books.

Could it be that the men agreed to be involved in what can be described more accurately as a discussion rather than a fiery debate, in order to promote their books?

References & Image Credits:
(1) YouTube
(2) TSW: Roswell UFO Festival Tourism

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  • Erickson

    Could it be that people appeared at the IUOFC to sell books? And is it out of character for Dan Sheehan (the moderator) to act as if he won the debate after making unsupported statements? Neither answer is surprising.


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