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This 1962 Study Proved Electromagnetic Energy Can Make People Hear Things

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This 1962 Study Proved Electromagnetic Energy Can Make People Hear Things
In 1962, a study was carried out by Allen Frey at the General Electric Advanced Electronics Center, at Cornell University, New York. The Human Auditory Systems Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy study found that electromagnetic energy can enhance perceptions of sound.

The study involved attempts being made to match the sounds that were induced by electromagnetic energy and acoustic energy. According to the paper, when using very low average electromagnetic energy power densities, the perception of sounds was induced in both normal-hearing and deaf individuals (1).

The closest match of the sounds induced by electromagnetic and acoustic energy occurred when the acoustic amplifier was driven by the radio frequency (RF) transmitter’s modulator.

The research found that peak power density is a crucial factor, stating that with acoustic noise of approximately 80 decibels (dB), peak power density of around 275 mw/cm2 is required to induce the perception of sound at carrier frequencies of 425 mc and 1,310 mc.

Allen notes that significant research has been conducted surrounding the effects of radio frequency energy on organisms. Such research, Allen adds, has been largely concerned with determining the damage that may result from body temperature increases.

Transmitter Parameters

By comparison, when using average power densities measured in microwatts per centimetre, other effects, which are transient are found, the author notes. Allen adds that with the appropriate modulation, with clinically deaf people, the perception of different sounds can be induced. This sound inducement is also found to occur in normal-hearing subjects when they are at a distance of inches up to thousands of feet from the transmitter.

The paper goes on to say that with different transmitter parameters, we can “induce the perception of severe buffeting of the head”, without apparent vestibular symptoms such as nausea and dizziness.

The author of the paper notes that the purpose of the research was to “focus the attention of physiologists on an unusual area and stimulate additional work on which interpretations can be based.”

Other studies have been carried out about the effects electromagnetic energy has on the human body. In fact, in 2004, the World Health Organization published a report titled ‘What are Electromagnetic Fields: Health Effects’ that recorded more than 25,000 articles have been published related to the effects of EMF radiation during the last three decades.

In its Survival Guide to Living with Electrohypersensitivity’, the WEEP Initiative quotes a statement made by Sage in 2007 that “environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body” (2).

The article highlights how in modern society everybody is exposed to two types of electromagnetic fields – extremely low frequency ELFs generated from electrical appliances and power lines, and radiofrequency radiation (RF), which is created by wireless devices such as mobile phones, antennas and broadcast transmission towers.

far-near fields

Non-Lethal Weapons

The paper quotes Sears in 2007, stating:

“Early recognition, avoidance of symptom-triggering agents, environmental control treatments that may reduce residual toxins and recovery of normal biological processes are key to regaining health for people with sensitivities. Without mitigation of the incitant, people with environmental sensitives may become severely debilitated.”

The paper highlights that the biological effects of being exposed to both EMF and EMR are detrimental to the health of humans, causing a loss of homeostasis and well-being. Furthermore, when we move away from EMF and EMR sources, such as computers, mobile phones, antennas, fluorescent lighting and other appliances, symptoms quickly improve.

In 2011, Top Secret Writers published an article focused on the US government’s exploration of using electromagnetic energy technology for non-lethal weapons systems (3). The TSW article examines a US Marine Corps project from 1998, titled ‘United States Marine Corps Neuronal Entrainment for Non-Lethal Applications.’

Following an FOIA request, the proposal was released in 2007. The US Marine Corps’ team had proposed to embark on a year-long program, which could “determine the potential for high-strength electromagnetic fields to be useful as a stunning agent in non-lethal technologies.”

More than 50 years after Allen Frey at the General Electric Advanced Electronics Center at Cornell University published the research about the potential impact electromagnetic energy has, we are now much better informed about the real effects electromagnetic energy has on the human brain. In this sense Allen and his team reached their goal in stimulating additional work in the area, on which interpretations can be based.

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