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Clinton’s Collapse: Conspiracists Are Going Batty

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Clinton’s Collapse: Conspiracists Are Going Batty
As inevitably as night follows day, Hillary Clinton’s collapse while leaving a 9/11 commemoration ceremony has invited conspiracy theorists to take to their keyboards and offer explanations as to what really happened.

Team Hillary has only itself to blame. The Clinton campaign has been less than forthcoming about just about everything (1), especially the candidate’s health. The known facts sound like a conspiracy.

Clinton suddenly left the site of the 9/11 ceremony (2) and stood, propped up on a concrete barrier, while her transportation sped to pick her up. When the motorcade arrived, she, helped by two aides, attempted to board a black SUV, wobbled, collapsed, and then was bodily tossed in by her Secret Service detail, all captured on video (3).

Instead of going immediately to the ER, as protocol demands, Clinton was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to rest and recuperate. A little while later, the candidate appeared outside the front door, apparently a picture of health, and hugged a small girl for a photo op.

But then Clinton was spirited away to her home in Chappaqua for more rest, with campaign events having been canceled. Only after several hours had passed, did Team Hillary admit that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia(4).

Body Double?

Even those not of a conspiratorial bent have been moved to ask questions. The conspiracy theories have run through social media like wildfire.

One theory is that Hillary Clinton is using a body double (5) to conceal the true extent of her illness. Pictures have arisen on social media that allegedly show Clinton and then a body double,

The Hillary Clinton who showed up on the street outside Chelsea’s apartment is supposed to be the body double. Some are even speculating that Clinton is dead (6) and has been replaced by the body double, such as occurred in the 1990s movie “Dave.”

The fact that Clinton was not taken to the ER (7) because of fears that someone would spill details of her treatment and illness to the media has raised suspicions that she is suffering from more than just pneumonia.

The favorite theory is that she has Parkinson’s (8) and is going to great lengths to conceal the characteristic tremors. The cough has been attributed to a swallowing disorder that accompanies the disease.

Documented Health Issues

The most bizarre theory has been advanced by Dr. Bennet Omalu, the Nigerian-born doctor who first discovered the relationship between multiple concussions during game play and health issues experienced by NFL players later in life. His story was told in the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith. Dr. Omalu believes that Hillary Clinton is slowly being poisoned (9) by someone, probably Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin.

The theory is ludicrous on its face. Putin has done away with enemies, sometimes with poison, but he would have no reason to murder an American presidential candidate, especially one he might be able to outmaneuver, considering Clinton’s record as secretary of state.

As for Trump, while he has said and done some unsavory things, he has confined his assassinations to the character kind. Even if the real-estate mogul were of a murderous bent, he would know that anyone who would replace Clinton might be harder to beat in the general election.

Hillary has had a number of documented health issues, including a fall that resulted in a concussion and a blood clot to the brain. She has had a number of severe coughing fits and more than one fall in public.

The protestations that Clinton is fine and that anyone who questions Clinton’s health is being partisan or worse are increasingly becoming not credible. The situation calls for the candidate to be examined by an independent group of doctors to lay to rest the questions that keep swirling about Hillary Clinton’s health and fitness to be president.

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