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More Proof Project Aquarius Alien Documents Are Fake

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More Proof Project Aquarius Alien Documents Are Fake
What does the UFO community think Project Aquarius was?

Back in 2014 a UFO conspiracy theorist named Dr. Steven Greer (1) claimed to have received a classified document (2) related to something called Project Aquarius, allegedly run by Majestic, 12 (3) concerning alien spacecraft and extraterrestrials who are said to visit Earth on a regular basis.

The project, said to have been established in 1953 by President Eisenhower, is purported to collect all intelligence concerning UFOs and contact with alien beings, partly to help advance the United States space program.

The document describes a number of alien encounters, including a reference to the Roswell crash, as well as another alien spacecraft said to have been taken intact in Utah and then taken for study by American scientists and military officials.

The document also makes the claim that the United States government continued the covert investigation of UFO sightings and alien encounters after the end of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book in 1969. The study, alleged to be conducted by the NSA, was ongoing at the time the document was produced.

The Problem with the Secret Document

The document in question claims that the Majestic 12, a mythical group of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, ran Aquarius with funds from the CIA. The project was designated Project Gleem (sic), allegedly, when President Eisenhower is said to have established it, but it was changed to Aquarius in the 1960s.

However, it seems to be redundant, as the Air Force was conducting Project Blue Book for much the same purpose as described. Also, one has difficulty imagining Eisenhower, famously conservative about space travel, approving such a project.

The document also has a reference to the Air Force having taken an alien craft intact in 1958 and having studied it ever since. If that story is true, a number of technologies, including aviation and space travel, should be far more advanced than they are currently. Aircraft still rely on jet engines and spacecraft on various types of rockets that either burn a solid fuel or mix a liquid fuel with an oxidizer.

In any case, keeping a technology transfer project secret would be next to impossible because of the number of people in the military, NASA employees, and commercial contractors who would have to be in the loop.

As Oxford University’s Dr. David Grimes (4) recently proved through an equation, the more people who are in on a conspiracy, the more quickly it will be unmasked. The old pirate saying that three people can keep a secret if two are dead adheres here as it does in so many other conspiracy theories.

What Was Aquarius Really?

In fact, the real Project Aquarius had a much more mundane purpose than gathering information about UFOs and aliens and disseminating it to NASA. DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, conducted an effort (5) called Aquarius between 1988 and 1991 for “the system architecture of accelerators for the high-performance execution of logic programs.” In other words, Aquarius was designed to accelerate the compilation and implementation of computer languages such as C.

The idea that a clandestine operation such as Project Aquarius, designed to collect data on alien visitations and disseminate it to people and organizations that might find it useful is a beguiling one. The theme has shown up in popular culture innumerable times, including the film “Independence Day” and its recent sequel and the TV show “The X-Files.”

But the idea that such a conspiracy exists in the real world falls apart on close examination. The alleged top secret document does not have a provenance demonstrating that it is authentic. The claims made in the document are, in many cases, contrary to known facts.

Aliens may or may not be visiting Earth in UFOs. But thus far the idea has not been proven.

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