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Project Nimbus: Scientists Project Images Onto Clouds

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Project Nimbus: Scientists Project Images Onto Clouds
Designed to “explore natural and artificial cloud projection” a research project has achieved its aim by projecting a movie depicting a galloping horse onto clouds. The project is known as Project Nimbus’, a five-year research venture that’s been described as “ground breaking.”

According to the official Nimbus Project site, the project was initially inspired by a US projection venture, which involved a series of prototypes being developed through a collaboration of scientists, pilots, specialists in early cinema, sailors, artists, experts in weaponry, cultural theorists and cloud appreciators (1).

The project was led by Dave Lynch, a designer, and Dr. Mile Nix, a chemist from Leeds University in Britain.

The site says that following several years of research and a redesign of Edweard Muybridges’ projection technology from 1887, which they repurposed with a laser light, the Nimbus Project team finally projected images directly from an aeroplane of the horse in motion onto clouds.

Edweard Muybridge was an English photographer who pioneered work in motion-picture projection. In the late 1870s and 1880s, Muybridge perfected the art of depicting horses in motion.

Project Nimbus’ recreation of Mubridge’s Horse In Motion has been described a representing a “shared cultural reference between artist and scientist” (2).

The cloud projection was achieved by using a Laser Zoopraxiscope device, which was conceived in 2012, enabling moving images to be beamed directly onto clouds. This is the first time such projections have been achieved.

Ground Breaking Achievement

The laser cloud projection took place in 2015 over the city of Nottingham in the UK. The galloping horse images were projected onto the clouds from the laser system that was mounted on an aircraft some 50 meters from the cloud.

While Project Nimbus met its objective to explore natural and artificial cloud projection and has been described as being a ‘ground breaking’ achievement, suggestions have been made that such a project could be used as a form of psychological warfare.

Ground Zero Media posed such a question, asking whether the holographic images the laser projection creates onto clouds, could be used to induce hallucinogenic hysteria upon the populace (3).

According to UFO Alien Data, the inspiration behind Project Nimbus began in 2007 when Dave Lynch discovered a military paper named ‘Non-Lethal Weapons: Terms and Reference’. The paper was authored by Dr. Robert Bunker, an adjunct professor of the National Security Studies program at California State University and a professor of Unconventional Warfare at the American Military University. Bunker’s paper describes the work of weapons since the Vietnam War.

“Lynch’s inspiration came from plots to project God over the clouds in an enemy city, that had their communication seized, in order to terrify it citizens. This description is featured on page 17 of the military paper,” writes UFO Alien Data.

Project Blue Beam

Project Nimbus has also been related to a rumored project known as Project Blue Beam (4). Project Blue Beam is essentially a conspiracy theory which claims NASA, via technological simulation, is attempting to create a New Age religion in order to start a New World Order.

As Top Secret Writer’s reported in an article about the failed Psy-Op mission in Vietnam, the United States has a “long history of implementing psychological operations in foreign countries” (5).

Could it be that Project Nimbus is an attempt made by scientists in the UK to implement some form of psychological warfare? Or is it merely an innovative exploration of digital and analogue techniques to project moving images onto clouds, which fuses old and new projection methods?

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