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Top Signs You Should Get Ready for a Social Collapse

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Top Signs You Should Get Ready for a Social Collapse
There are many signs believed to be precursors to a social collapse. Some are financial warnings, rising oil prices, fluctuations in stock trading and commodities as well as other signs some experts claim occur months possibly only weeks before the final collapse (1).

Socio Economic Synthesis Center utilized mathematical models that were developed by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in a study that simulated current US society.

In 2014, Science Direct published a paper on the Human and Nature Dynamics (HANDY): Modeling inequity and use of resources in the collapse or sustainability of societies (2).

Within this model is the Carrying Capacity measurement that’s designed to show “early detection of a collapse”. The formula takes into account population, a natural and renewable resources and distribution.

This study gives numerous examples historical civilization collapses spanning thousands of years. Many of these civilizations were advanced, very powerful and had a complex system, yet they collapsed.

Two Key Causes of Social Collapse

The model revealed that two “key causes” were responsible for “irreversible” collapses.

–> Population depleting resources faster than could be replenished compounded by non-workers using resources, but not contributing to society.

–> Elite members of the society accumulating resources at will and controlling those beneath their social status. If the elite society outgrows itself and the underpinning society (working class) shrinks unable to support the elite, then the society will collapse. The elite will continue to consume and without a working class to sustain the consumption, the society will collapse.

The authors give the collapse of the Roman Empire as a prime example of an advanced and powerful civilization. The population declined along with the deteriorating economy. Education suffered, resulting in “intellectual regression, and the disappearance of literacy.”

With an aging society like the US, there are fewer workers. When this figure adds on school-aged children and college students, disabled and those on assisted living, that number goes up. In addition, there are managerial workers, technology workers and many other professionals who aren’t physically producing resources for consumption. With less US manufacturing and creating resources, the US is slowing turning into the country of consumption that isn’t able to sustain itself (3).


Financial Signs

One industry that researchers monitor and point to as a classic indicator of impending social collapse is the financial arena. This is considered the most reliable way to predict the fall of a society.

To many people, the 2008 financial crisis was merely a dress-rehearsal for the final collapse. Those people believe that a collapse is a certainty since the 2008 US government bailout merely shored up failed banks. The monies forked out to the banks was exploited by the banks and further destabilized the financial infrastructure. Many people warn that another similar financial crisis will bring the entire system down.

According to AM TV, “The surest way to know if your society is in the midst of disintegration is to see if the criminals who created the instability in the first place are openly discussing a collapse scenario or warning that one is imminent” (4).

AM TV warns that various financial institutes have actually issued these warnings of an impending crisis:

–> Royal Bank of Scotland: Warned investors in 2015 of a “‘cataclysmic’ year in markets” and were told to “sell everything”.

–> Federal Reserve: Richard Fisher stated that, “the Fed ‘frontloaded’ (manipulated) stock markets into a bubble” and it’s soon due to burst. The result will be “up to 20% crash in equities”.

–> Bank for International Settlements (central bank of central banks): AM TV states that the BIS has a reputation of giving warnings of possible collapses timed too late to react. AM TV also states that this type of warning was issued in September and December 2015. That warning was about a potential hike in the Fed rate which would “shatter” the current market calmness.

–> Manipulation of supply and demand figures: The falsifying of economic statistics means the public is deceived about the true frailty and finality of their society. This falsifying of statistics, according to AM TV signals that the society has moved into the next stage of the collapse.

Other warning signs include:

–> Price of oil rises above $120/barrel (5).
–> Sharp rise in food prices followed by riots.
–> EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) disaster.
–> Erratic stocks and commodities demonstrate a financial system in the throes of a collapse.

obama signing

Executive Orders Overuse

AM TV states that the use of executive orders by Presidents Bush and Obama have been a progressive staging “for the removal of checks and balances entirely in the name of crisis management.”

The website warns that the ISIS threat will continue to be used as greater justification for creating more executive orders.

There are many other signs you can watch for that may signal the verge of social collapse. These are a few of the most prevalent ones being discussed.

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