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Does Assange Really Have an October Surprise for Clinton?

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Does Assange Really Have an October Surprise for Clinton?
Due to so-called security fears, Julian Assange cancelled plans to deliver a speech from his Ecuadorian Embassy balcony in London. The speech would, apparently, relay damaging information about Hillary Clinton. News has now emerged that the WikiLeaks founder will make an announcement via a video link to a press conference event taking place in Berlin.

In a tweet made by WikiLeaks, it was confirmed that the London speech would be moved to Berlin due to “specific information.”

The planned appearance on the London balcony would have marked the 10th anniversary of Assange’s WikiLeaks. The speech is alleged to have been related to “damaging information” about Clinton. The damaging information has been described as an ‘October Surprise’ that would help swing the presidential election Donald Trump’s way.

Milking the so-called ‘damaging information’, Roger Stone, the Conservative political commentator and Trump’s right-hand man, has claimed that the WikiLeaks’ revelations would destroy Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Talking to the Alex Jones Show, Stone said:

“Assange correctly fears for his life because he has the deep secrets of the Deep State and he’s getting ready to spill the beans. Bill and Hillary Clinton know that it’s handcuff time and they’re apoplectic.”

A Price on His Head

According to Stone, the original plans to release the information was axed due to fears that Assange could be assassinated.

If he went out on the balcony as originally planned then he may be inviting that Martin Luther King Jr. moment which would be horrific,” said Stone, adding: “So he has chosen a safer way to disseminate this information.”

The Info Wars report on the story noted Stone saying that the information Assange has about Clinton is “so devastating that it would be impossible for the media to change the subject or ignore the story altogether.”

Earlier this year, Assange told Fox News that WikiLeaks had information which they would release before the election in November that contained some “quite unexpected angles.”

I think it’s significant. It depends on how it catches fire in the public and in the media,” Assange said.

A report published on True Pundit speaks of lack of love between Hillary Clinton and Julian Assange (2). According to True Pundit, in 2010 the US State Department held “meeting after meeting” about how the Secretary of State and her inner circle were going to “squash Assange and WikiLeaks’ latest planned document dump on the United States.”

Dubbed as ‘Cablegate’, True Pundit talks of a discussed possible assassination of Assange while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, at a time when Assange was threatening to release hundreds of thousands of secret cables disclosing communications between the State Department and foreign allies between 1966 and 2010.

julian assange

Wikileaks Email and Speech Releases

This year has seen already seen WikiLeaks involved in releasing information about Hillary Clinton. As Top Secret Writers reported in August, a Russian hactivist claims he sent hacked DCN documents to WikiLeaks, which showed hundreds of thousands of emails showing how party officials had tried to undermine Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders (3).

At the time, Assange said that WikiLeaks had sufficient information to indict Clinton.

We’ve accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton. We could proceed to an indictment,” said the WikiLeaks founder.

Will WikiLeaks and its founder really release the information that could potentially indict Hillary Clinton or, as the Daily Mail (4) puts it: “Destroy Clinton’s campaign”? Or is WikiLeaks attempting to stir up trouble with an alleged ‘October Surprise’ in the eleventh hour of the presidential election campaign?

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