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How the LIDA Psychotronic Weapon Induced REM State

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How the LIDA Psychotronic Weapon Induced REM State
Mind control has fascinated the military and various government agencies as a desirable and powerful weapon. In the 1950s the now well-known secretive group of the CIA, MKULTRA, undertook experiments on unsuspecting individuals, including innocent children (1).

There were never any criminal charges brought against the elusive group during the 1970s US Senate Church-Inouye hearings. According to Constitution Society, despite the MKULTRA’s tight-lipped, iron-gripped attempts to conceal classified documents, the few that were leaked demonstrated their mind control attempts were disturbingly successful (2).

The Constitution Society published Eleanor White, P. Eng. paper from April 4, 2000. The paper was titled, “The State of Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Mind Control Effects” and examined over 300 “involuntary” victims of these experiments.

The paper states that “without exception” once these people became test subjects, they remained so for the rest of their lives. Even today, the hypnotic trigger implanted in their minds can be activated.

The LIDA (Learning IDA) was described in the declassified documents describing the 1974 technology used to set-up the victims so they were conditioned to be more susceptible to being hypnotized.

The signals used weren’t capable of carrying voices, only the radio signals that set up brain entertainment or silent sleep programming. These sleep states were generated and the individuals programmed much like listening to subliminal tapes

Hypnosis during Induced REM Sleep

The victim was exposed to a steady tone of 15,000 Hz that resembles tinnitus. The hypnotic signal was embedded within this frequency. Once induced into a REM sleep, the hypnotist’s voice would be transmitted from 300 Hz up to 4,000 Hz.

The instruction(s) was given, included the trigger word, phrase or other clue needed to trigger the desired response of the victim whenever the word(s) was repeated or a more complex trigger instituted.

The microwave signal pulses were set at a frequency that the human brain reacts to and the brain then converted these microwave pulses into an inaudible voice. This process rendered the brain defenseless to the hypnosis that followed. This is known as voice-to-skull. This method is described as having been accidentally discovered by radar techs during WWII.

The Eleanor White paper from 2000 stated that many of the unwilling victims of mind control were then in “their 70s and 80s.” In addition to their lives having been destroyed, the lives of their children had also been similarly controlled. Very often the children of the initial groups of involuntary test subjects were involuntarily indoctrinated as the next generation of mind-controlled test subjects or perhaps even groomed as unwilling operatives as depicted in the 1962 film “The Manchurian Candidate” (3).

Test subjects claim that the effects of the mind control experiments were lifelong and included “carefully engineered-unprovable events to produce psychological stress in the victim”.

mkultra documents

Impact of Experiments

These stress events feature an introductory event that’s designed to be “very high energy/effect.” It’s staged solely for the purpose of making sure the victim knows she/he is being harassed by an eternal entity. Measures are taken to ensure there’s absolutely no room for doubt or to believe that the event is simply “bad luck”.

–> The experiments become a Pavlovian training. The victim learns to react a certain way in response to the event.
–> A hypnosis-like state is induced by the “endlessly repeated words” that only the victim can hear by the use of radio signals.
–> LIDA (Learning IDA) cognitive cycle or hypnotic

This type of mind control conditioning generated from a distance produces an abundance of various physical effects. A few include:

–> Sleep deprivation.
–> Daytime fatigue attacks forcing victim to fall asleep or collapse due to muscle weakness.
–> Silent “electronic caffeine signal” that causes the victim to awake and doesn’t allow him/her to go back to sleep.
–> Loud noises are generated at time victim attempts to go to sleep, usually from neighbors.
–> Precision-control that allows the victim to fall into a sleep cycle and is then forced awake. This sleep/awake cycle is precise to the very second and repeated with exacting precision each time.
–> Disembodied voices and sounds, including inaudible voices that only victim hears.
–> Sudden urges to go somewhere or take action (presumed ultrasonic hypnosis).
–> Slow unusual body movements, such as backward bending each finger in succession or each toe in a 90 degree angle.
–> Involuntary speech and breathing.
–> Post hypnotic triggers (words or type of clue) for specific programmed involuntary response.
–> Muscle trigger that causes involuntary violent muscle reaction, such as flailing limbs often during sleep or slow deliberate movements.
–> Forced awake recall of previous day as though happening.
–> Both short and long term memory loss.

The listing of these and numerous other effects is long and equally disturbing to read, including racing heartbeat, inexplicable pains and prickling sensations. Other types of out of character behaviors, such as damaging property at home and work and even shredding their own clothes are described by victims.

mind control

Triggers Still Active to This Day

According to the white paper, the programming of the victims from the 1950s-1970s MKULTRA program are still active and can be “triggered” to this day. These triggers were implanting into the involuntary victims’ minds by a drug induced “twilight state” and hypnotized with the trigger word or phrase.

These triggers can then be transmitted usually via a radio signal that’s either above or below the frequency of audible sounds. The article states this form of mind control was used during the Gulf War under the code name, Silent Sound.

Other technologies utilized in various mind control experiments included “Through the Wall Surveillance” via microwave signals. These are signals that fall just below infrared ones that’s used to read thoughts.

A complex and voluminous subject, the MKULTRA mind control isn’t a topic that is going away even some 50+ years after its incipience.

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