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Desert Realtors Use UFO History to Sell Land

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Desert Realtors Use UFO History to Sell Land
Wanting to find a piece of land in a hot zone known for its UFO activity? You don’t have to look far! The latest tactic desert realtors are using to sell properties is to play up a history of UFO activity.If you’re seeking prime real estate in Nevada or other desert UFO hot spots, then you’ll want to check out listings that mention a UFO history.

The popular publication real estate website, Estately, features one such famous property being sold in 2016 for $75,000. The ad reads, “Live at the top of the mountain made famous by Frank Critzer of Giant Rock and later George Van Tassel with his UfO conventions and Integratron Rejuvenation machine” (1).

The sales pitch continues by describing how the area residents discovered and recorded many UFOs. And, if that’s not enough to get your paranormal UFO engines revving, the ad taps into a bit of the mystical with mentions of frequencies and vortex channels that will allow you to communicate into the vastness of space and beyond.

Toss in a bit of desert lore and, for the UFO enthusiast, such a property would be nearly impossible to resist.

The Van Tassel and Frank Critzer Story

The story of Van Tassel and Frank Critzer is a true desert story of espionage accusations, intrigue, paranormal, UFOs, aliens, mystical adventure, conspiracy theories and tragic deaths (2).

German immigrant Van Tassel was a prospector holed up in the desert, living in 400 square feet excavated underneath Giant Rock (said to be the world’s largest boulder at seven stories high and a footprint of 5,800 square feet). Giant Bolder was known as holy ground to Native Americans.

During World War II (WWII), accusations that Critzer was a German spy ended with a raid on his home and Critzer being killed.

Tassel was a renowned flight test engineer who worked for Howard Hughes and later moved his family onto the Giant Rock land, living in tents. He constructed an airfield and café and Hughes flew into the airport to visit weekends.

Giant Rock was the drawing card that at one time brought in 11,000 spiritual seekers. The rock was considered to be a crystalline powerhouse that allowed communications with other worlds. Tassel stated that travelers from Venus invited him inside their spaceship and bestowed specifications for a rejuvenation machine that would revive the cells in the human body. Tassel dubbed the machine Integration, but he died of a heart attack before it was completed.

While the ad doesn’t go into such detail about the UFO history of the property due to ad cost, there is enough there to capture the imagination and how it would be to live on Giant Rock property.

giant rock

Other Real Estate UFO Sales Tactics

Another clever way to grab the attention of potential buyers is through articles that peak browsing interest.

Defend Your Home against Alien Invasion: *Your* Independence Day Is Here!

This is the title of a June 2016 article featured on the popular real estate listing site and magazine, Homes. After a long introduction about Roswell (3), HG Well’s movie War of the Worlds, Independence Day and Independence Day 2, the reader is introduced to a game created by Homes (4).

Visitors to the page can download the game that is described as a “‘Defend Your Homes’ training game for budding pilots and video game aficionados.”

The game scenario sets up an invasion and the mission is to defend Washington, DC. Players were then encouraged to post their scores using a hashtag for a chance to win gift cards and a $250 Amazon gift certificate as the grand prize.

The equally popular Realtor has a rather tongue-in-check article on how you can invite aliens to your home with a very big sign welcoming aliens to your home (5).

The article features a Romoland, CA family that built a 60 ft x 90 ft rock garden in the image of a grey alien. In the hope of enticing aliens to come on down, Larry Decker (77) set up cameras to film the moment his invitation is finally accepted.

While the real estate market may be poking fun at aliens and including this type of story on their website to draw traffic, the George Van Tassel property has authentic history. Capitalizing on it is a way to advertise the real estate and possibly attract potential buyers that may have otherwise overlooked a typical listing.

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