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Is Clinton Campaign Fishing for Ufologist Votes?

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Is Clinton Campaign Fishing for Ufologist Votes?
One of the more under-reported stories of Election 2016 is that Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is a big believer that UFOs are alien spacecraft visiting the Earth clandestinely and that the federal government knows more about this phenomenon than it is letting on.It was reported in a March article in the Huffington Post (1) that Podesta has convinced Secretary Clinton to declassify all information that the government has on UFOs if she is elected president. If she undertakes this, she would not be the first president who has tried to reveal the truth that is out there. Jimmy Carter (2), who claims to have actually seen a UFO, is said to have tried to get to the bottom of the alien visitation conspiracy but came up short.

The fact that Podesta is a UFO enthusiast has attracted the attention of others with a similar bent. The WikiLeaks revelations (3) include the text of an email from none other than the late Apollo moon walker and UFO and ESP aficionado Edgar Mitchell (4) asking for a meeting with the Clinton adviser.

The letter is an account of aliens who are keen to prevent Earth humans from bringing military conflict into space but are willing to impart a technology called zero point energy in exchange for restricting violence to our own planet. No evidence exists that a meeting between Podesta and Mitchell ever took place.

UFO Vote

The question obviously arises, since we are talking about a political campaign where nothing is said or done without considering the effect on the candidate, is the Clinton presidential effort going after the UFO vote?

The idea might not be as crazy as it seems on its face. Science Alert cites a 2015 Ipsos Poll (5) that suggests that 45 percent of American adults believe that aliens have visited the Earth at one time or another. The group of Americans who believe that the “truth is out there” could constitute a substantial voting bloc if it could be activated.

Why do so many people believe that aliens have visited the Earth, a higher number than has been the case in recent years? Most analysts blame popular culture for the phenomenon, with TV shows like “The X-Files” and movies like “Men in Black” and “Independence Day” being very popular. Add to that the notion that the government lies about virtually everything, then the uptick in the sentiment is understandable.

But if Team Hillary has the desire to go after the UFO vote, if such a thing can be even said to exist, it shows very little sign of doing so. The Clinton campaign has not put out any advertising promising to get to the bottom of alien visitations. It has not held focus grouped or done internal polling on the issue. Hillary Clinton has not accused Donald Trump of being a space alien, though some might say that would explain a lot.

hillary clinton in ohio

UFOs Not Burning Political Issue

The existence or non-existence of UFOs as alien spacecraft does not appear to be a burning political issue.

Political campaigns operate by stirring passions among the voters about issues they care about, which in 2016 consists of the economy and the threat of terrorism.

Many people may believe that UFOs are alien spacecraft visiting the Earth, but that belief does not motivate them to try to take action as does the fact they may be out of a job or are afraid that ISIS may kill them at any moment.

Podesta’s and to some extent Hillary Clinton’s belief in UFOs appears to be out of genuine conviction and does not have any political calculation behind it. Whether Hillary Clinton will get to the “truth” about UFOs if she is elected is right now a matter of conjecture.

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