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Is US Planning a False Flag Syrian Attack to Frame Russia?

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Is US Planning a False Flag Syrian Attack to Frame Russia?
Is the United States planning a false flag attack on Russia? A series of online conspiracy theorists seem to think so.

Images of US jet plans painted in Russian colors have ignited controversy on Twitter that the US is planning to carry out false flag attacks in Syria and blame them on Russia.

RT shows the various images taken from social media depicting the US jet planes sporting Russian colors (1). The conspiracy theory was triggered by a Canadian journalist, who tweeted:

“The U.S is painting their F/A-18s to match the paint schemes of Russian jets in Syria. Standard training, but interesting nonetheless.”

The tweet created a wave of response. Remarks ranged from accusations that the plans are likely to appear on the news, alongside the headline “Russian jets target Syrian civilians!” to less provocative comments that US Aggressor Squadrons have been painting training aircraft in Russian colors for decades and that it’s “standard practice.”

False Flag Operations

As Top Secret Writers previously reported, there is nothing new about governments being involved in false flag operations (2).

Giving the conspiracy theorists ammunition that Washington is involved in some secret false flag attack on Russia is the fact that historically governments have used secret false flag operations to intentionally deceive by making it appear that another country or group has performed a particular action.

One example of a false flag operation is known as the Manchurian Incident/Crisis. This Japanese false flag operation took place in 1931. The Japanese needed a pretext to justify the invasion of Manchuria, so they created a false flag attack on a railway.

The explosion on the track initiated by Japan, convinced many that the sabotage of the railway was, as Whale writes, “a strategic Chinese attack”, giving Japan a good enough excuse to invade Manchuria (3).

In response to the controversial tweet about the US jets preparing to label Russia in a false flag attack, one Twitter user posted a comment likening the planes to the US’s false flag framing in Cuba.

Known as Operation Northwoods, this proposed false flag operation was carried out by the US government in 1962 against the Cuban government. Operation Northwoods was the code name given for a series of proposals by the US government and the Joint Chiefs of Staff for a series of false flag terrorist attacks by the Pentagon against US aircraft and ships, as well as Cuban refugees. The false flag terrorist attacks had been intended to generate a pretext justifying US military intervention in Cuba.


Standard Practice?

In relation to the US Aggressor Squadrons being painted in Russian colors, many were quick to respond that painting fighter planes in the colors of potential adversaries is standard practice.

Following the wave of conspiracy the tweet generated about the prospect of the US preparing a false flag attack on Russia, the journalist who posted the original tweet attempted to set the record straight, tweeting:

“U.S uses “aggressor units” to train pilots. The paint schemes might fighters similar to Russian counterparts. Stop with the conspiracies.”

What are your thoughts on the US military painting its fighter planes in Russian colors?

Evidence of an impending false flag attack on Syria designed to frame Russia and initiate war? Or merely standard military practice that’s been taken out of context and over-hyped by online conspiracy theorists?

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