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Linda Howe’s Hessdalen Research Proved Plasma “UFOs” Exist

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Linda Howe’s Hessdalen Research Proved Plasma “UFOs” Exist
One of the most highly respected researchers of UFOs and mysterious earth phenomena, Linda Moulton Howe, has made her reputation by employing uncompromising journalistic standards. Howe researches, interviews witnesses and experts and goes the extra mile to ascertain the truth beyond unexplained events and phenomena.

In 2002, Howe accompanied a group of research scientists, including Professor Erling Strand to a remote area in Norway (1). She researched Hessdalen, a mountain range and valley fabled for strange lights. The range and valley are around 7.5 miles long (2).

The lights were first reported in 1981 with activity continuing through today. Between 1981 and 1984 as many as 20 event per week were reported (3).

With around 150 people living in the valley, the activity of lights was widely seen. The lights mostly traveled a north/south course. The scientists classified the lights into three categories:

1. White lights or blue flashes that were small but high intensity appearing in the sky.

2. Yellow or yellow-white lights. These were typically seen in the valley on the ground or just above the roofs of houses. Lights remained stationary for over an hour. They moved about the valley very slowly, yet could take off at high speeds and sudden acceleration and often travel high in the sky.

3. Mixed colored lights traveling together. A typical grouping was two yellow or white lights with a red light in front of them leading the way. These lights moved about the mountain tops.

It’s of interest that the region has gigantic deposits of quartz, iron and copper. Could these have a connection with the lights?

The 1981-1984 flurry of sightings has diminished over the years with a reported 20 events a year instead of per week.

Project Hessdalen

In the summer of 1983, the Østfold University College established Project Hessdalen and, in February 1984, Professor Strand conducted a field investigation of the lights (4).

In 1988, the team placed the valley on a 24/7, 365 day surveillance using three cameras that were triggered by light.

During the 1984 field investigations, the scientists pulsed a laser at one of the flashing lights. The moment the laser beam struck the large flashing light, the mysterious light doubled its flashing, going from a sequence of flash…flash…flash to flash flash… flash flash… flash flash.

When the scientists moved the laser away, the large light resumed its normal flashing sequence. The team repeated shining the laser into the light four more times and each time the flashing light sequence doubled. Overall, the team conducted the laser test with the results of 8 out 9 times the light doubled its flashing sequence.

After several days of filming and measuring the lights, Howe presented her findings at a conference with a slideshow. She stated that she observed the plasma lights pulsating for over an hour and the lights appeared to be controlled by intelligence. The intensity of lights baffles the scientists who are at a loss to explain the type of energy source that could sustain the lights that oftentimes illuminated the entire valley.

As of 2002, the team had documented 100 light events with 79 of them unexplained. Of those events, one captured in 1999 was only 12 seconds in length but revealed a thermal plasma dancing across the sky. The evidence was included in a Norway production of Discovery Channel, featuring Professor Strand.

Howe reported that the scientists believe that the light balls within the plasma may hold the key to unlocking the mysterious lights. The scientists theorize that the number of light balls within the plasma may possibly determine the size of the plasma ball and provide it with the necessary energy.

What Is Controlling the Plasma Lights?

During her presentation, Howe stated that it was possible that a central force that is currently unknown may possibly be controlling the plasma lights.

Referencing the tests the scientists previously conducted aiming a red laser into the plasma light, Howe stated that the following night of the experiment the plasma light appeared with a red laser emitting from it, shining onto the ground. The scientists were at a loss to explain what this all meant.

Hessdalen Valley area is never dark, according to Howe, who stated that the location is so far north that it simply never grew completely dark.

The scientists speculate that the plasma lights can combine to make a sustainable thermal plasma and are then able to sustain high temperatures that defy human knowledge.

Dr. Strand revealed to Howe that he believes that intelligence controls the plasma lights using a form of technology that harnesses plasma, much the same way humans use computers controlled by series of zeros and ones. He says nothing can be ruled out, especially since humans have learned how to educate DNA. In much the same way, it may be that an alien race has learned how to educate plasma similarly.

The origin and purpose of the plasma UFOs remains a mystery. Who or what is behind the plasma UFOs? Are they using the plasma balls as a type of monitoring device? If so, what are they monitoring and why are they interested specifically in Hessdalen? Could they be some sort of military craft or something from another world?

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