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Why Won’t Britain Release It’s Last UFO Files?

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Why Won’t Britain Release It’s Last UFO Files?
Despite promises to release once top secret documents related to UFOs, Britain seems reluctant to release a tranche of documents centered on the paranormal.

According to a German website, the yet-to-be-released documents are titled under the name ‘UFO-Policy’ and comprise of documents from the date from 1971 – 76 and 1996 – 2000.

The report states that Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted the files cover ‘Air Traffic Control Low Flying UFOs’ (1). Suggestions have also been made that the classified files comprise of information related to an incident that took place in 1980, known as the Rendlesham Forest case.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO mystery involved an alleged sighting of a UFO. The case quickly generated intrigue and momentum becoming one of the most pondered and talked about UFO encounters in history.

On the night of December 26, 1980, an American serviceman who was based in Suffolk in the south of England, claimed he saw mysterious lights in a nearby forest. A team of men entered the forest to investigate, where they chased an assortment of lights. The men claimed to have witnessed an alien spacecraft, which had established a landing site.

Witness Statements

As the BBC reports, following the incident, the men filed top secret witness statements, which were “strictly classified” (2).

According to the Grenzwissenschaft report, observers predict that new information related to the Rendlesham Forest case remains unrealized in the British UFO files.

When pressed about the unreleased UFO documents, Grenzwissenschaft says a spokesperson from the National Archives’ Information Management Department, admitted there were complications with the release of the files.

“Some of the files need to have their closure/access status agreed by the Advisory Council on Public records”, said the spokesperson, adding:

“They appear to be more of a difficulty than originally anticipated and consequently the records are not yet available for viewing, and the Transfer team are at present unable to estimate when they will be available.”

rendlesham forest ufo path

Is Britain Hiding Something?

In 2015, the MoD promised to release to the public the UFO files before March 2016. A report in the Metro spoke of how UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists were “over the moon” after the MoD “caved in” and agreed to release the top secret files.

The announcement that the files were to be released followed a campaign made by UFO enthusiasts for 18 files related to UFO sighting that have taken place in the UK to be released.

Naturally, with the March 18 date having come and gone and the files still remaining undisclosed and secret, an air of disdain is brewing within the UFO community.

By contrast, the US doesn’t seem to share the UK’s unwillingness to release UFO-related files. Earlier this year the CIA published hundreds of documents citing investigations into UFO cases and sightings, as Top Secret Writers reported (4).

By not living up to its promises and failing to publish files documenting some of the most compelling UFO incidents that have taken place in the UK, it does make you wonder exactly why Britain isn’t releasing its top secret UFO documents.

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