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DNC Media Collusion May Only Be Tip of the Iceberg

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DNC Media Collusion May Only Be Tip of the Iceberg
Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign was flawed and tainted with leaked email scandals. What could be considered particularly worrying about the whole humiliation is how the leaked emails revealed how journalists are willing to collaborate and connive with those with political influence, as a means of maintaining connections with important government figures.

DNC For Sale to Highest Bidder

One example of this relates to an influential reporter at Political. (1) Business Insider reports that the journalist had made an alleged “agreement” with the DNC to enable it to review a story about Clinton’s fundraising machine prior to the story being submitted Politico’s editors. The revelation was (2) revealed by WikiLeaks, which published the email sent by the reporter to the DNC.

The email sent by reporter Kenneth Vogel had a subject line that read: “Per agreement… any thoughts appreciated.”

While the final copy of the report didn’t have any significant edits, as Business Insider notes:
“Sending out an advanced copy of a story to a subject represents a break from typical journalistic ethics.”


DNC colluding with CBS News?

In July this year WikiLeaks released documents revealing how the DNC colluded with CBS News, in a collaborative attempt to destroy Bernie Sanders candidacy and support Hillary Clinton. WikiLeaks published a (3) series of examples of the DNC colluding with the media to deliberately undermine Sanders.

The examples relate to “data-driven” political stories and “Media Agenda-Polls”, whereby CBS News enabled the DNC to write the news story script.

One example, highlighted by the (4) Conservative Treehouse, relates to the NBC pollster Mark Murray, who is apparently well-known for capturing and then promoting agenda poll data. The report notes how throughout the Clinton/Sanders race to be elected Democrat leader, NBC’s polls were “specifically intended to prop up Hillary Clinton and detract from Bernie Sanders.” Pollster Murray is said to have made similar poll data comparisons in the Clinton vs Trump contest.


In July, tens of thousands of new emails were released by WikiLeaks revealed how the DNC coordinated with major media outlets to heighten Clinton’s stature, while belittling Bernie Sanders.

Anti-Sanders News Stories

One of the most prolific of the revealed DNC communications with the media, relate to the negative angles placed on stories about Sanders.

In one chain of emails, the DNC’s national communications director Luis Miranda is (5) revealed how Daniel Strauss, a reporter with Politico, had been briefed on how he would “point out some of the issues” with Sanders’ DNC committee appointments “off the record”, in order to help Strauss write the story.

In a separate email, Miranda briefs Laura Mechler of the Wall Street Journal, on Sanders’ committee appointments and is seen complaining that Sanders continued to appeal for a fair representation on the DNC’s platform committee, despite Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s, DNC chairperson, concessions to the Sanders’ campaign.

Political Insiders Direct the Media

It could be argued that by allowing journalists to collude and conspire with political and government organizations, has led to a power struggle, whereby “insiders” are able to direct how the news gets reported.

An example of this could be how journalists have long colluded and reported assignments for the CIA. One of the most prolific of these arrangements dates to the (6) Watergate Scandal, a major political scandal in the US during the 1970s.


It relates to a break in at the DNC’s headquarters at the Watergate office in Washington D.C. in 1972. What seemed like a random break in at the time, was traced back to the DNC for the purposes of the re-election of President Nixon.

A Corrupt U.S. Media

Together with Bob Woodward, veteran journalist Carl Bernstein, blew the lid off the Watergate scandal, in a feature for Rolling Stone titled “The CIA and the Media”.

In the piece, Bernstein wrote:

“More than 400 American journalists… in the past twenty five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency…”

As we can see, there is nothing new about journalists conspiring with “those of high power” to maintain their connections to insiders and for the insiders to manipulate the news. Though, as we saw with the leaked emails throughout the 2016 candidacy and presidential election campaigns, the DNC’s collusion with the media may only be the tip of the iceberg.

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