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Is the Dyad UFO “Scout Craft” a Real Lead?

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Is the Dyad UFO “Scout Craft” a Real Lead?
UFOs(1) come in all shapes and sizes, though the flying saucer seems to be the favorite type, at least in popular culture. But one type of alleged alien craft that keeps cropping up in reports of sightings is something called the Dyad UFO “Scout Craft.”

The Scout Craft

Richard H. Hall describes(2) these craft and how they are alleged to behave:

“A striking pattern of reports has emerged describing what appears to be a standard model UFO, of intermediate size between the small possibly remote-controlled—discs and the often-reported 35-40 foot (10-12 meter) in diameter or large models. Dating back to the 1950s, many witnesses have described discs (often Saturn-shaped) with transparent domes through which two small humanoid beings are visible.

“Although size estimates vary, most appear to be somewhere between 15 and 30 feet (4.5 and 9 meters) in diameter. The proportional size of beings to craft suggests a small two-seater ‘scout’ vehicle with barely enough space to accommodate the two-entity crew. The reports imply a mission-oriented purpose.


“The beings in these cases often exhibit awareness of the witness, looking right at him or her. The craft performs characteristic maneuvers that include a downward tilt, during which instrument panels on board become visible, and rotation. Certain colors and light arrays recur.”

Scout Craft Sightings

Hall goes on to describe accounts of sightings of these craft, which seem to resemble the flying cars from “The Jetsons,” between the late 1950s to the late 1970s.

The idea that aliens doing a reconnaissance on the Earth’s surface using craft that are easily spotted from the ground and involves people getting a good look at the pilot and co-pilot is not something that stands up to just a modicum of examination.

In times past, modern militaries conducted aerial reconnaissance using piloted aircraft. However, for the past two or so decades, the preferred method of searching out unfriendly terrain has consisted of using unpiloted drones.


The Predator drone(3) is the remote-controlled aircraft that has been in use by the United States Air Force and the CIA since 1995. Instead of flying low over the ground, it flies high enough so as not to be spotted and uses a suite of cameras and sensors to characterize targets. Since 2001 many Predators are equipped with missiles to take out targets of opportunity.

Insect Drones?

It seems strange that aliens capable of crossing interstellar distances just to take an interest in a relatively primitive civilization would use a retro method of reconnaissance. One would think that aliens would remain in space, safe in stealth spacecraft, and then send swarms of drones into the Earth’s atmosphere to ferret out the secrets of our planet without getting spotted by the Earthlings.

The next generation of reconnaissance drones is so-called insect drones(4), with the size and characteristics of bees or mosquitoes. These drones could be sent in swarms to examine a wide area, say a battlefield or a disaster area. In theory, they could sneak inside buildings undetected and spy on meetings and other activities that could not be perceived from the outside air.

insect-inspired drones

Whatever these “dyads” are, they are certainly not scout craft. If they are real and not flights of fancy, they would have to have another purpose entirely. Are they hot rods driven by alien teenagers who get their thrills from buzzing the Earthlings and scaring them?

If aliens really are visiting Earth clandestinely, it is very unlikely that we would know they were doing so. Modern stealth technology is quite advanced, and an alien civilization centuries in advance of ours would likely have access to even more advanced techniques.

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