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Vallee’s Diaries Say No Secret Official UFO Group Ever Existed

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Vallee’s Diaries Say No Secret Official UFO Group Ever Existed
A lingering rumor from the 1970s that there was a government secret official U.S. UFO investigative group has never gone away (1). Many people think this program is still operating in the shadows. Many contemporary UFO researchers point to the research of French-American computer scientist Dr Jacque Vallée to affirm that such a program existed.

Who Is Jacques Vallée?

Jacques Vallée is known for his outstanding accomplishments, many that relate to his background in astrophysics (Master’s degree) and for being a major player in the UFO research field. He consulted on “the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA”. He also worked at SRI International developing the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET).

Funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States Department of Defense this technology created a pathway and was the “foundation” for the Internet (2).

Jacque Vallée’s Personal Research

Jacque Vallée set out to discover if such a group did exist and was ultimately disappointed. That doesn’t mean he didn’t run into various clues that such a group did in truth exist, it simply meant that he was unable to garner any tangible evidence to prove its existence.

There were many people who reported to him about various branches of this secret government investigative group, and they sent him on many wild goose chases. Were these attempts to create intentional misdirection or were they simply signs that it was all just rumor?

fate magazine

1973 FATE Magazine Article on Vallée

According to a republished FATE magazine article, Vallée first stated in 1965 that UFOs changed his original opinion about UFO activity.

“…an amazingly complex intelligent life beyond the earth can already be discerned.”

In 1978, FATE Magazine writer, Jerome Clark interviewed Vallée and asked him about the “great autumn 1973” wave of UFO sightings and where the country would go moving forward. By 1969, Vallee had revised his point-of-view, downgrading UFOs to just a paranormal event (3).

By 1973, Vallée stated he believed the US government as well as the scientific community would have to pay closer attention to the phenomena. He also believed there would be more “sophisticated investigations of traces left at landing sites…” He further explained that those who were currently entering the field of research were “good physicists and good engineers.”

He pointed out that most people only see two possible explanations. The first is extraterrestrial and the second is to discount it as “all nonsense.”

forbidden science

Personal Journals Depict Jacques Vallée’s Search

Between 1970 and 1989, Vallée kept personal journals detailing his research into UFOs and various paranormal phenomena. These were compiled into three volumes and have become a type of UFO researcher’s go-to resource.

Australian Keith Basterfield and Pauline Wilson write a blog, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – scientific research”. In an October 2016 post, Basterfield sums up some of the information he’s gleaned from reading Vallée’s journals, Volumes Two and Three of Forbidden Science (4).

Basterfield’s post highlights excerpted quotes from Vallée’s journals in a chronological order to give a snapshot of how Vallée’s opinion shaped and changed over the nearly 20 years of research.

It’s clear that Vallée moved within the circles of those in-the-know who sent him to various supposedly in-charge individuals. Unfortunately, all of those meetings proved dead-ends.

In reading the various excerpts from Vallée’s journals, it’s clear to see how he was a human Ping-Pong ball being bounced between individuals, groups and agencies. One person would give him a juicy tidbit about this secret group and send him to their source or a source that would provide Vallée with more information. When he arrived at the designated meeting with that contact, he was invariably disappointed. At one such meeting with the CIA, he stated that he knew more about what was going on in UFO research than the two people he’d sat down with.

References & Image Credits:
(5) Feature Image Credit: Georgie Pauwels via Flickr

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  • Valley is one of the few people who can navigate the “hall of mirrors” that is researching “official” UFO information. And he didn’t have any luck. If there is such a group, it’s better hidden than the Manhattan Project and the Code Talkers were during WWII!

  • unOpened

    Vallee did in fact come across a document that he and Dr. Hynek called the “Pentacle Memorandum” which originated with a Howard Cross from the Battelle Institute. It was this document, as I recall, that made clear that a prior study of the phenomena had been undertaken analyzing “several thousands of reports on this subject”. This volume of reports was a complete surprise and confirmed that a deep level study had previously been undertaken prior to the formation of the Robertson Panel. I don’t believe the full results of this group’s study were ever released or shared with members of the Robertson Panel or the University of Colorado study although it seems that what information may have been shared was screened and selected beforehand thus guaranteeing an outcome favored by the Battelle group.

    The memorandum went on to suggest establishing a controlled experiment in areas of the United States that had a historically high number of sightings in order to help provide an informational baseline, based on the resulting civilian and military reports, for separating the “wheat from the chaff” of historical reports (presumably the several thousands of reports previously mentioned) and future reports from so-called flaps. Whether or not this experiment was ever done is unknown as far as I can tell although it smells a bit like Bentwaters.

  • Vico Reader

    Vallee basically repeats Vico’s observation in deciphering these “poetic monsters” in identifying the phenomenon amidst our mainstream historical narrative. Paradoxically, this narrative we call history is itself a myth, a presumed and somewhat formulated artifice arrived at via artifacts whereas the ufo phenomenon has provided a constant, a steady yet parallel axis against the quantitative sine or pattern of our cognitive development. Curiously, UFO’s have provided little variation in comparison in the interim and we have grown accustom to saucers, tubes, spheres and triangles and our modern interpretation of these once “poetic monsters” in written history can be easily decipherable towards these select basic shapes. With this constant in mind the phenomenon ironically reveals a level of “normality” thus producing its own question mark as it aims to offset itself – albeit intermittently – within the nominal world around us. This could infer two logical scenarios, that:
    a. the phenomenon has plateaued in its own evolutionary/technical capacity
    b. the phenomenon operates from a fixed point in time and interferes with mankind over a broad range of time

    I would be most grateful if Mr Vallee could comment on this hypothesis?


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