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What Is the Mysterious Ping in the Arctic Ocean?

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What Is the Mysterious Ping in the Arctic Ocean?
Mother Nature Network(1) has reported on a mystery that has arisen in the depths of the Arctic Ocean in the seabed of the Fury and Hecla Strait, a narrow channel in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, a part of Canada. Local hunters and fishers are reporting a mysterious ping or hum emanating from the ocean floor. The Huffington Post(2) reports that the noise can be heard through the hulls of fishing boats and even larger ships, according to locals.

Pinging Remains Elusive

The problem is that the sound seems to be scaring away wildlife, which ordinarily resides in the habitat, especially in the summer and winter months. Sea mammals rely on hearing to navigate and can be quite sensitive to unfamiliar noise, such as that caused by sonar. The local Inuit people rely on hunting sea mammals for sustenance, so the problem is a serious concern. The channel is also a migratory path for a number of sea mammals which have now gone missing.

Unfortunately, when the Canadian military investigated, including an overflight of a CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol craft with an array of sensors, they detected a few walruses and whales (3) but did not detect any pings or hums or any object that would create them. Yet the locals insist that the noise persists.

Theories About the Mysterious Pinging

A number of theories have been posed about the source of the sound.

A company called Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation, which extracts minerals from Baffin Island, has conducted ocean sonar surveys in the past. But the company denies having done any such surveys in the affected area. In any case, the local government has not issued any permits for activity by any private company that might cause the pings and hums.

greenpeace ship

Environmentalists or UFOs to Blame?

Some have pointed the finger of blame at Greenpeace. The environmental organization has opposed some hunting, especially of whales. The conspiracy theory has Greenpeace deliberately causing the noise to drive away the ocean life and thus spare them from local hunters. But a spokesperson for the group has denied responsibility and suggested that they would not harm wildlife or impact the ability of the locals to hunt.

The Canadian Military has also denied conducting any activity that would cause the noises being heard. That does not mean that the military of some other nation might not be up to something, but no one has detected any submersible of any kind.

Aside from more Earthly causes, nothing strange goes on under the sea or anywhere else that does not attract the notice of UFO enthusiasts. A site called UFO Sightings Daily (4) claims that the United States Navy has detected the pinging, which is being caused by an underwater alien base. Other groups(5) argue that the cause is a crashed alien spacecraft.

A crashed spaceship is certainly a remote possibility, though it ought to have been conspicuous enough for the Royal Canadian Air Force to have found. What aliens would be doing establishing a base in the bottom of the Arctic Ocean can only be left open to speculation. But an alien outpost should also have been detected by the Canadians.

On the other hand, maybe the Canadian government is part of the conspiracy to conceal the existence of aliens, Mulder and Scully, call your office.


No Theory Too Strange

One possibility could be a new kind of sub-ocean sea life. Noise can carry through the oceans a great distance, which is one reason why whale songs can be heard.

The Huffington Post has the most beguiling theory of all. The sound is being caused by the rise of Cthulhu, summoned no doubt by the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

References & Image Credits:
(5) Feature Image Credit: Mike Beauregard via Flickr

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