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Jacques Vallee Tells a Fan He Has Not Given Up on UFO Research

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Jacques Vallee Tells a Fan He Has Not Given Up on UFO Research
Recently a person who calls herself “Concerned Earthling” wrote a fan letter (1) to Jacques Vallee (2), a noted computer scientist, venture capitalist, and UFO investigator to express appreciation for his past UFO research. Vallee wrote back(3), reassuring the fan that he was not planning to ever separate himself from UFO studies, but plans to continue delving into the phenomenon.

Vallee would be a fascinating character even if it were not for his interest in UFOs. He was involved in the Arpanet, the predecessor of today’s Internet. He was an astronomer while living in France in the early 1960s and wrote a science fiction novel “Le Sub-Espace” (Subspace.) He later became a venture capitalist specializing in a number of high-tech business ventures.

The Legacy of Jacques Vallee

But Vallee is most famous for his interest in UFOs, which started in the mid-1960s when he moved to the United States. He was mentored by J. Allen Hynek (4), an astronomer who started as a UFO skeptic and who eventually admitted to the possibility of alien visitations. Vallee served as the model of Lacombe, the character played by Francois Truffaut in the Steven Spielberg movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

Vallee’s journey with regard to UFOs took a different path than that of Hynek. He started with the belief that UFOs are alien spacecraft, but then began to develop other theories to explain the phenomenon. He described his new ideas in a recent interview on “Coast to Coast.” (5)

As a computer scientist, Vallee started to notice common patterns in not only UFOs but also religious visitations, sightings of cryptids, and psychic phenomenon going back throughout history. He believes that every one of these events, once one accounts for events caused by natural phenomenon, is the result of a nonhuman consciousness, likely from another dimension, attempting to manipulate the consciousness of human beings to effect social change.

Passport to Magonia

The theory suggests that disparate events such as the visitation of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, any given religious revelation perceived by such people as different as Mohammed and Joseph Smith, and any unexplained UFO sighting are part of a campaign to influence humanity.


The purpose of this campaign, using deception and changing according to the culture of the time, is unknown. Vallee, by the way, does not believe in a government conspiracy to conceal the truth about UFOs (6). That, in his view, is part of the deception. He related his theory in his classic book, “Passport to Magonia.”

To buttress his alternate theory, Vallee has proposed five arguments against the idea of UFOs as extraterrestrial in origin. (7)

1. Unexplained close encounters are far more numerous than required for any physical survey of the earth;
2. The humanoid body structure of the alleged “aliens” is not likely to have originated on another planet and is not biologically adapted to space travel;
3. The reported behavior in thousands of abduction reports contradicts the hypothesis of genetic or scientific experimentation on humans by an advanced race;
4. The extension of the phenomenon throughout recorded human history demonstrates that UFOs are not a contemporary phenomenon; and
5. The apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives.

Not Popular With Everyone

Vallee has many fans in the UFO community. We asked “Concerned Earthling” more about her motivation behind contacting Vallee, and she pointed us to her explanation on Reddit where she said:

“He’s one of the pioneers from the golden years in this field, and his research helped lay many bricks. I wanted to express my appreciation of his hard work, which is something that I only wish I could have done for other golden researchers who have unfortunately passed, like Josef Hynek. I would really have liked to write to Hynek.”

Vallee’s theories have, on the other hand, angered some on both sides of the UFO debate, skeptics and believers alike. Valle has often expressed frustration with the religious nature of some of the arguments for which he has been called a “heretic among heretics.”


He has not withdrawn entirely from UFO studies, however. He has recently published a new book, “Wonders in the Sky,” (8) which chronicles aerial phenomenon, which could be interpreted as UFOs, dating back to antiquity. He notes that pre-20th century phenomena predate heavier-than-air aircraft, Area 51, and (for the most part) speculation about extraterrestrial life.

In effect, Vallee has developed a kind of unified field theory that explains a whole host of unexplained phenomenon. Agree with him or not, his ideas are original and compelling.

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  • mlmontagne

    The plural of phenomenon is phenomena.
    Why does this website always cut off the last one or two words of every line of text?

  • She was referencing a single phenomenon, so plural use of the word wouldn’t make sense.
    I’m not seeing any words get cut off — mind emailing me a screenshot at ryan @

  • mlmontagne

    Well, naturally it’s not doing it *now*. Now I can see every word. It was doing it yesterday though, and has frequently in the past. I will try to shoot you a screen shot the next time I observe it.
    Mark is a friend of mine and I ride him about grammatical errors. In the penultimate paragraph, ” . . .a new book, “Wonders in the Sky,” (8) which chronicles aerial phenomenon,” that last noun should agree in number with “Wonders” unless modified by an indefinite article.

  • Harold Melton

    UFO’s are NOT aliens from other planets in the universe. They are demons from another dimension. It’s all part of the great deception.

  • Lenny Lexx

    As an abductee myself, Vallee is correct in the direction of his evaluation of the situation. It is a phenomenon and phenomena rolled into high strangeness for the bewildered conscious mind to behold in awe and interact upon.

    Our life sentence has a hidden intelligence working the back end out to the front end of the picture we so love to see. In my observations of it, it is a matrix without a doubt. A machine intelligence in control of the simulation. Denial and ridicule is its damage control of anyone speaking out, showing there’s something here from somewhere else, inciting you to think beyond the cube.

    To step even further off the plank of accepted reality I will point out some people are not people but rather back ground noise to distract those of us who see deep into the obscurity of it all and report back to those who wish to know.

    It comes down to this if you want to know. How much can you take, how far can you take it, before going crazy. Knowing your serving a life sentence can be a heavy burden on the mind. Especially when you don’t know why your here.

  • Vico Reader

    There will be an upcoming announcement that is correct in part but not in entirety.

    The Crypto-terrestrial hypothesis is interesting but not entirely sound in its “why/who/and what for” reasoning. At present, top tier US/UN parties are misunderstanding the “soul” element of the phenomenon as this pseudo-sub species would hold no requisite for a spiritual faculty in that it exists in what i understand to be as a deep negative state and somewhat polar to our own. This ps species engages with humans in a purely parasitic capacity (resource only) in a bid to successfully tier and transplant “atma” within its own distilled genetic lineage. The function of this transplant rests simply on the genetic rebooting of its own DNA profile in that it lacks no innate propulsion/striving mechanism to allow for the continual sine of evolutionary advance, i.e. the highs and lows as we experience them in our own evolutionary timeline. This pseudo sub species has, over the course of our own development, recognised its predicament and incapacity and has sought a medium in which to transcend its plateaued state . The abduction phenomenon thereby rests on the cherry picking of suitable genetic strands in humans that prove feasible in the successful migration of atma. The core of the phenomena relates largely to a species we have labelled “insectoid” although an hierarchy that involves other forms such as “greys” has much distorted our general understanding of those interfering entities. Some of these types are actual non-entities and exist in almost a satellite/automaton functionality to meet the agenda of the core species. The description of hybrids as purported by abductees are mere tier entities within the atma transplant process. The alleged interest of this pseudo-sub species in our nuclear capability/capacity is severely misunderstood as they have largely contributed to our nuclear armament and merely demonstrate their technologically superior control over this second hand knowledge.

    I have provided a breakdown in information below and I consider this outline to be possibly incorrect in places but overall fundamentally correct:

    1. The phenomenon has NO positives, there are NO good factors involved – period
    2. The phenomenon and its relation to humanity is not slave but entirely resource bound – it is wholly parasitic
    3. The phenomenon and the conflicting agendas therein cannot be stopped by any single earth force in the mechanical sense – regardless of whatever technology has been transferred/developed in the interim
    4. The phenomenon cannot be determined through a single extraterrestrial agenda but many agendas exerted by numerous races over a long period of time both on earth and in relatively localised space
    5. The phenomenon has used and continues to use false projections to effectively produce control systems/religious systems/doubt systems in directing human behaviour/spiritual development
    5b. The phenomenon has used and continues to use false projections to effectively curb and in some cases promote negative reactions within social human behaviours towards its own set agendas
    5c. The phenomenon has and continues to effectively tweak the populous in removing the flaw ie. ‘character’ gene from human DNA
    5d. The phenomenon has already infiltrated the populous with numerous part-human controllers and observers
    6. The phenomenon has manipulated the most fertile elements of human DNA in order to provide a robust procreative vessel – a resource and harvest for ‘atma’
    6b. The phenomenon has and continues to manipulate key figures to gain socio political division, advantage, discord, thereby avoiding any harmonious/unified government – this is an anti-babel agenda
    7. The phenomenon’s’ interest and periodic interference rests solely in the stocktake (not study) of human resource in the cultivation and harvest of the atma
    8. The phenomenon has reached an event horizon (the US has full knowledge of this event)

    I have learned the above, and more, from my own innate understanding and somewhat personal learning curve of what this phenomenon is and could be. This is a self-implemented pedagogy that has transpired over years of observation, absorption and attempts of subject understanding at variant levels. I fully understand the disinformation culture, I also understand truth indicators, and the need for both although I do not agree with those less than ethical methods employed in containing the subject.

    I would like to draw your attention to the following useful resources;

    1. The Platonic Theory of Form (everything is becoming but nothing actually is) and its relation to the following:
    a. Upanishad text, in relation a. the atma, the Brahman and the nomenal world in going beyond the Veil of Maya
    b. Schopenhauer’s interpretation and application of both of the above, with its obvious mistakes but underlying correctness in both the delivery and conclusion of mankind as a “mistake” (WAW&R). Schopenhauer understood the mono-logic of how atma can only be understood by the subject not the object.

    NOTE: Having worked in a hospital I once encountered a patient who died (pneumonia) only a few hours following a brief conversation we had shared outside the X-Ray department in which he told me his life story. I had chance to witness this individuals’ body both before and after death and in doing so realised that,even with the mistakes in the text, Schopenhauer was fundamentally correct in regards to ‘atma’ (Wittgentstein also understood Schopenhauer’s cognitive assessment of the will or atma as fundamentally sound in its contextual frame). The interaction with atma and Platonic Form Theory is interesting in understanding that what humanity strives for is inevitably an innate programme error, purposely designed to limit the being in deterring the peeling back of the veil in reaching any higher dimensional plane. This contextual combination of Greek logic meeting German idealism should give you some crude grounding as to the anima and the relationship between atma (thing in itself) and the Brahman (the higher division of being – the greater whole) and our purpose in relation to both in regards to the phenomenon. When we brand the atma as ‘soul’ we conjure up and connect with pseudo-religious implications and it is important to detract from that and understand atma in its metaphysical singularity in realising the big attraction to those in need of a ‘striving’ medium. The Platonic Theory of Form is not entirely Greek wishful thinking as its grasps the tenet of innate striving… its perfect blue-print then provided a canon for Western art. In analogy, consider when the fly lays the egg within the host and it produces a maggot, a vehicle that has no concept whatsoever of the fly – its genesis- as it neither resembles, comprehends nor correlates to its form and motives and nor can it grasp its own physical reason d’etre. The maggot is little more than a blind unknowing medium for the atma in providing the primary stasis for a broader alternate state.

    You should also…

    2. Read Giambattista Vico and understand that history is not known only assumed. He also stated that the phenomenon manifests itself in history as being misinterpreted “poetic monsters”

    3. Read Plato/Aristotle/Aurelius/Cicero in relation to the following recursive orb related dictum:
    totus teres ataque rotundus

    You will both notice in 5c – above – I mention human character and in the defense of humanity we must consider the boundary of being a mere utility and transcend this unwanted state not by protective weaponry but via the act of collective rebellion against the agenda. Camus, writing in the first half of the twentieth century, reminded us – as humans – the (lost) art of rebellion. Remember, the real conflict is not with the phenomenon as it chooses to manifest itself in three dimensional space but with the acknowledgment of our ability in resolving the human condition, albeit a mistake, as ours not theirs and in ascertaining more humane ways of living, of being, in the knowledge of what we believe it is to be all too human. Civilization/history is NOT wholly our narrative but merely in part and if we wish to continue as a species we must first learn to understand and scrutinise – via Vico – what is ours and what is not.

    I’m not bonkers…not yet…. and I prefer not to state my identity.

    Best Wishes

    Vico Reader


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