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How Tom DeLonge Went from Superstar to Super Crazy

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How Tom DeLonge Went from Superstar to Super Crazy
He found fame as a founding member of the Californian rock band, Blink-182, but Tom DeLonge has since gone on to become an author, not of an autobiography about the scandals, pitfalls and highlights of being in a famous pop-punk group, but as an author of a book about UFOs.

DeLonge has co-written a non-fiction book titled Sekret Machines: Gods, with American occult history expert, Peter Levenda. The book was released on March 7th this year. It is based on interviews with scientists, military officers, intelligence officials and engineers. Its press release (1) describes the book as being:

“An eye-opening investigate journey to the heart of the UFO phenomenon,” and will transcend the speculation of journalists, historians and others whose conclusions are often either misinformed or only tease around the edges.”

An article in the (2) Rolling Stone Magazine, notes how Levenda said the book is designed to “shake people up” and to make them “question their assumptions.”

Has Tom DeLonge Lost His Mind?

DeLonge has co-written a series of novels in recent years but Sekret Machines: Gods is the former Blink-182 band member’s first non-fiction book. His books form part of DeLonge’s larger multi-media project, To The Stars.

DeLonge left the punk trio Blink-182 in 2015, saying he wanted to focus his efforts on researching about UFOs.

“I can’t tour nine months out of the year with enough time to do the enormity of what I’m setting out to do,” said DeLonge in an interview, adding that his interest in ufology wasn’t merely a personal passion, but was of great importance to the national security of the country.

DeLonge’s enthusiasm towards the topic of UFOs and aliens has led to eyebrows being raised about the former punk bandmate’s sanity. (3)

Consequence of Sound describes the possibility of Tom DeLonge being “batshit crazy.” The report notes how DeLonge shared a photo of an alleged “sekret meeting” with the former US president, Bill Clinton.

Despite captioning the photo with implications that it displays a “sekret meeting” with Bill Clinton, Consequence of Sound contradict that possibility, noting how the elderly gentleman in the photo with white hair doesn’t really look like Bill Clinton and that at the time Clinton was actually in Philadelphia celebrating his wife’s nomination for presidential candidacy.

“So why on Earth would he be meeting with Tom DeLonge about aliens, and why on Earth would such a high-security meeting take place in the middle of a hotel lobby?”, asks Consequence of Sound. (4)

DeLonge May Not Be Stable

Hard Times also questions the former punk star’s stability, describing how DeLonge announced plans to debut a new “batshit crazy, logic-defying UFO theory” at the same time his former band were releasing their first track since DeLonge left the group.

The report describes how DeLonge, speaking from his home office in which the windows have been spray painted black, said he has “bigger fish to fry.”

DeLonge insists he has concrete evidence that the planet Earth has been visited by alien life, whilst, according to Hard Times, pointing to photos of low-quality images of allegedly floating lights in the sky on the likes of YouTube and UFO forums. (5)

SF Weekly are less subtle in their appraisal of Tom DeLonge’s present state of mind, asking whether the former Blink-182 bandmate is having a mental breakdown.

SF Weekly refers to an interview DeLonge made with Paper, in which, at times, he sounds “pretty nuts”, talking about incidents he can remember, such as building secret aircraft to emulate the phenomenon that the government has been observing for decades.

SF Weekly insists it is not suggesting DeLonge may be mentally ill due to his long-held belief in aliens, or that he is unstable because of his conspiracy theories, but rather because of the “paranoid, confused delivery”, which DeLonge demonstrates in the Paper interview.

What are your thoughts on Tom DeLonge’s transition from pop legend to alien life author – A valiant move for the sake of US national security, or bordering on insanity?

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  • gregdougall

    Now you losers are attacking Tom Delong for trying to research UFOs? That’s so sad.

  • Martolt

    Anyone can build a Townsend Brown gravitator. So he might not be exaggerating.


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