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UFO Witness and Author Highlights from Broad Haven UFO Conference

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UFO Witness and Author Highlights from Broad Haven UFO Conference
A special 40th anniversary event was recently held to mark 40 years since the infamous Broad Haven Triangle sightings of 1977. The Broad Haven UFO Conference was organised by the Swansea UFO Network and took place on Saturday February 4, 2017 in Broad Haven in West Wales, Britain.

According to the event’s organiser, Emlyn Williams, the case sparked “worldwide interest” in UFOs and remains one of Wales’ most revered UFO cases.

The incident took place 40 years ago, on February 4, 1977, when a class of children at Broad Haven Primary School, claim to sighted a UFO in a field not far from the school playground.

The Welsh Triangle

The Broad Haven UFO sighting was one of a string of alleged UFO sighting that occurred in the area in 1977, which became known as the Dyfed Triangle – ‘Welsh Triangle’.

The children of Broad Haven describe seeing flying saucers and “cigar-shaped” craft flying overhead throughout the day. A disbelieving head teacher separated the children and asked them to draw what they had seen. While there for some variations, the children effectively drew the same mysterious aircraft.

UFO Eye Witnesses

The Broad Haven UFO Conference involved a string of eyewitnesses and authors which knowledge of the incident speaking at the event. Videos of some of the (1) speakers at the Conference were taken.

Top Secret Writers takes a look at some of the key highlights from the Conference. (2)

Dave Davies, a witness at the Broad Haven UFO sighting gave is account of the story at the Conference. Davies spoke of the abysmal weather of 4th February 1977 and how, because he didn’t like the bad weather, had stayed inside the school, rather than being outside in the playground with the other boys. Davies admits he has had a long fascination with sci-fi, but is a “natural born skeptic about UFOs”.

Being such a skeptic, Davies says he decided to confirm his classmates’ claims there were flying saucers outside as total nonsense. So, at the end of the day he walked to the top of the playing field and made his way over the perimeter of the fence and across a stream into the field, where he was drawn to a “large object which had appeared from behind a group of trees”.

The object, according to Davies, was around 45 feet long, silver and with a “sort of Mother of Pearl effect.”. The object also had a central dome and a red flashing light that was more “pulsating” rather than flashing. Davies recalled to the Conference how the sighting only lasted for around ten seconds at the most, and the object then disappeared behind the tree. Davies said that he felt no fear just pure amazement. However, Davies said he felt the urge to run away, a psychological feeling that he still can’t describe.

Davies also noted that one of the only signs that an object had been there, was the fact a cross section of a recently erected telegraph pole and been knocked and was at an angle. Davies also spoke of how following the news of the sighting, the school “erupted into a media circus.”, attracting media attention from around the world.

Davies says that he has never claimed he saw a spaceship but only a UFO. He also says that despite the phenomenal amount of research, money and effort put into the case, he is still “none the wiser” as to what it was. Davies also noted at the Conference how he has never and still doesn’t want to “sensationalise the story.” (3)

Neil Spring – UFO Researcher

Neil Spring, who researched The Welsh Triangle in depth and has vast knowledge of about Broad Haven and the area, also gave a speech at the Conference.

One of the most interesting comments Spring made to the Conference attendees was when he urged the audience to remember that “UFOs are real and not imaginary”, and how the “government knows this very well but have actively pursued the policy to ignore it and deny it for 50 years.”

(4) Another video taken from the Broad Haven Conference involved the conference visiting the playground and David Davies reliving his account of the day’s events on February 4, 1977. The video shows footage of Davies being quizzed by Conference attendees about how the children’s pictures were similar to one another. Davies responds by saying how visibility was poor on the day, hence why it was unlikely the boys would have got a “perfect image” of the object. The attendees also asked Davies about the red light, to which he reiterated how the light he had seen was ‘pulsating’ rather than flashing.

The series of videos taken from the Conference includes a recording of the (5) Q&A session at the end of the Conference. One quizzical attendee asked the panel of three speakers their thoughts on why these ‘superior beings’ travelling to Earth in aircraft, haven’t tried to make more intelligent contact with us, and why are they just ‘hanging around, pussyfooting around’?

John Hanson – Author

One of the speakers, John Hanson, who co-authored the Haunted Skies series of books, responded by saying he did not believe the beings might be as ‘highly advanced’ as we think so. Hanson also said he believes these beings have no interest in the affairs of man.

Perhaps one of the best comments made at the Broad Haven UFO Conference was during the Q&A session, when the conversation turned a little political and one woman in the audience posed the question – Perhaps Donald Trump is an alien?

Due to a mass UFO sighting made by schoolchildren in 1977, the small Welsh village of Broad Haven was whipped into a media circus and has been gripped by paranormal fever ever since. Forty years on, a group of UFO enthusiasts might have fervently commemorated the 40th anniversary of the infamous sighting, though, as the videos of the Conference show, we remain none the wiser as to the identity of the strangle, dome-shaped flying object, with a pulsating red light, hovering in the grey drizzly sky, really was.

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