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Neuroscientist Says a UFO Encounter Can Improve Your Life

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Neuroscientist Says a UFO Encounter Can Improve Your Life
The stories of people claiming they had a UFO encounter are often told with various degrees of trauma suffered. This often takes the form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). There are however other side-effects that the person experiences, one is a profound and deep transformation that is positive.

In February 2017, Motherboard’s Daniel Oberhaus interviewed retired neuroscientist Bob Davis about these positive after effects. Oberhaus states that Davis is also a, “self-described ‘UFO agnostic’.” (1)

Oberhaus Interview with Bob Davis

The interview took place during the International UFO Congress. Oberhaus states that he wanted to discover if Davis believed science would ever take ufology as a “serious scientific discipline”.

At the beginning of the interview, Davis admitted that he was, “a closet ufologist my whole life…” In fact, he and his wife had seen “two orange orbs” one night during a visit to Sedona, Arizona. He explained to Oberhaus how that brush with the unexplained prompted him to write a book titled, “The UFO Phenomenon”.

He told Oberhaus that his interest didn’t stop there. He joined the “Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters”. The organization is known as FREE and was incorporated in July 2015 as a “not for profit academic research institute”.

FREE is comprised of “retired Ph.D. physicists, scientists and lay researchers”. According to the website, the mission is to conduct research to determine what consciousness is through “cross comparative research” on those who claim to have “contact with non-human intelligence via diverse paranormal”. (2)

UFO Experiencers Underwent Positive Transformations

Davis to Oberhaus that the organization studied 3,057 individuals who claimed to have a UFO encounter. The results of the research showed that “about 85 percent of the people who are experiencing this phenomenon” afterwards went through a transformation in a “very positive behavioral or psychospiritual way.”

This transformation is far-reaching. For example, Davis told Oberhaus that the experiencers became more humane and spiritual. Their views of the world changed. They claimed to have gained a greater interest in the “ecological welfare of our planet”. Perhaps more significantly was the spiritual transformation they had. They became less interested in religion while they recognized a new a sense of “oneness with the world.” Their interests in worldly things, such as money also decreased.

Their perception of reality also altered. How could it not? The subjects revealed that they now believed in a “multi-dimensional reality” and perhaps more importantly, they were convinced that “there is life after death.”

The explanation for this transformation, according to Davis falls in line with Dr Mitchell’s theory of quantum holographic consciousness.

Nonlocal Quantum Hologram

Dr Mitchell’s theory is, “a hypothesis for integrating into the scientific framework phenomena of consciousness which frequently have been considered beyond scientific description.” This includes, such things as “intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and many similar information phenomena” that he explains as “the nonlocal quantum hologram”.

Dr Mitchell’s theory further states that, “from the point of view of evolution, quantum nonlocality is the basis from which self-organizing cosmological processes have produced the common phenomenon of perception in living organisms.” (3)

The idea of such a profound experience having a positive transformation on the individual is recognized by others. In the book, “Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life” by Marilyn Schlitz, Cassandra Vieten and Tina Amorok addresses this type of transformation (4).

The authors write, “From neo-paganism to Roman Catholicism from UFO encounters to giving birth from a truck driver in Texas to a Buddhist nun in New York, the experience of transformation as a shift in worldview followed by a dramatic restructuring of core values appears to be universal.”

Science Isn’t Ready Yet

While the organization’s work is regarded by most of the scientific community as pseudoscience, Davis told Oberhaus that the scientific principles needed to apply to the data simply don’t exist at the present time. According to Davis, without such principles to quantify and qualify the data, the evidence is anecdotal.

Perhaps the biggest question that Oberhaus asked was what peer scientists would require in order to take the research and findings seriously. Davis’s simple answer was also complex. He stated it would take a collaborative effort of researchers with various scientific disciplines. Davis stated, “I believe that’s going to be the only way we’re going to gain greater insights into the phenomenon.”

References & Image Credits:
(1) Motherboard
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