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UFOs Do Leave Evidence: 10 Cases With Physical Proof

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UFOs Do Leave Evidence: 10 Cases With Physical Proof
When most people think of UFO sightings, they think of excited individuals who believe they saw something in the sky, sometimes accompanied by photographs or video of the phenomenon. However, on occasion, UFO sightings are accompanied by physical evidence. Such evidence can include scorch marks on the ground, the imprint of what is presumed to be landing pads on grass or vegetation, or even electromagnetic phenomena that affect nearby machinery, such as automobiles.

The famed French-born UFO researcher Jacques Vallee published a paper in a 1998 issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration(1) examining cases of UFO sightings that left behind metallic fragments or residue.

Cases of UFO Sightings

A 1933 or 1934 incident at Ubatuba, near Sao Paulo, Brazil involved a disk-shaped object that plunged toward the nearby ocean, rose 100 feet, and then exploded, showering the area with fragments. Some of the fragments were analyzed and found to be pure magnesium.

In 1947 a group of objects was observed off the coast of Maury Island in Washington State. One of the objects seemed to encounter difficulties and, after a dull explosive sound, emitted a shower of metal and aluminum foil, one of which killed a dog. The FBI concluded later that the incident was a hoax.

In 1952 a Navy pilot gave chase to a UFO that expelled a metallic object. The object was recovered and, allegedly, found to be a “matrix of magnesium or silicate.” No independent analysis has been done, and the sample seems to have vanished.

More Cases

In 1954 a group of three objects was observed flying over Campinas, Brazil. One of the objects encountered difficulty and began to emit liquefied metal that splattered over a wide area. The subsequent analysis reported the substance to be mostly tin and ten percent “other materials.”

In 1956 two men observed a flying object that landed and then took off from the middle of a road on Vaddo Island, Sweden. The men recovered a hot “rock” that gradually cooled enough for the men to take with them. Further analysis found it to be comprised of tungsten carbide, commonly used in manufactured products.

In 1967 near Maumee, Ohio, two men driving down a road were involved in a collision with a bright light. An investigation of the accident site recovered two metal samples that turned out to be 92 percent magnesium.

1970s UFO Sightings

In the early 1970s near Kiana, Alaska, two pieces of material were found following an aerial sighting that seemed to have been poured out in a molten state from close above the ground. The sample was described as silvery and lightweight.

In 1973 or 1976 in Bogata, Columbia, two university students saw several flying objects, one of which shot out a liquid that produced vapor when it hit the ground. They recovered a sample of the material when it became cool enough to handle. The analysis determined that the material was aluminum along with traces of magnesium and other elements.

In 1977 an object crashed into a levee near Council Bluffs, Iowa. A large area of the dike was covered in a molten mass that turned out to be mainly iron with some alloying agents.

Around 1978 in Jopala, near Puebla, Mexico, local investigators recovered metallic residue that had fallen from the sky that turned out to be mostly iron with silicon and trace elements.

What Do They Mean?

The question arises, what does all of this mean? Vallee suggests a number of explanations for metallic fragments and residue, including hoaxes, meteor strikes, and pieces of aircraft. Interestingly, none of the metal samples indicate an advanced alloy or mix that would suggest they came from a craft operated by an advanced civilization.

The reader should also remember that Vallee has an outside-the-box perspective(2) concerning UFOs. Rather than just being either natural phenomena, hoaxes, or aliens, he suggests that UFOs, among other incidents, such as religious revelations, are being caused by advanced beings who are attempting to manipulate human history for reasons only known to them. In any case, he suggests in his article that more rigorous methods of investigation should be brought to bear to study metallic physical evidence further.

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    11. Billy Meier metal samples analyzed by world expert Marcel Vogel of IBM concluded after spectral analysis that the metals were highly advanced machined and could not be duplicated with any Earthly technology.

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