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Mobile Phones Really Can Harm Your Health: Here’s Proof

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Mobile Phones Really Can Harm Your Health: Here’s Proof
Just how harmful are cell phones to the millions of people using them? Canadian television host and reporter Wendy Mesley says she’s been asking this question for 20 years. In a recent episode of her CBC TV show, Marketplace, Mesley set out to find out if any new data could answer her decades old question (1).

One of the first things that Mesley revealed was a message that cell phone manufacturers are required by law to place inside all cell phones. However, few owners know exists. In fact, none of the people she approached in a shopping mall were aware of the message being inside their phones. And even once she alerted them to its existence, none of the people could find it on their phones.

Hidden Message on Cell Phones

The message that cell phone manufacturers are required to include in every phone is a warning to use a hands-free option in order to reduce the risk of exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation. The buyer is advised to use a built-in speaker, earbuds with a microphone or some other type of hands-free option

The message further advises the owner to carry the cell phone at least 5mm to 15mm away from their body. This will ensure that the RF exposure levels remain at or below the tested levels.

Health Risk Studies

Unfortunately, most people carry their cell phones in a pants, shirt or jacket pocket, close to their body. A few women even carry their cell phones in their bras.

Some medical professionals believe the rise in brain tumors, breast cancer and low/damaged sperm are other damaging side effect of cell phone use and contact to skin.

  • Mesley interviewed Dr John West who shared a MRI of a 21-year-old woman with breast cancer. The woman had kept her cell phone tucked in her bra and had several tumors where the cell phone rested against her skin.
  • Cross Center Institute’s Dr Jay Easaw oncologist told Mesley that he’d helped to establish a brain tumor registry. The goal is to determine if there is a correlation to cell phone use and the number of brain tumors found in users.

Concerned Citizens Approach Canada Health

In an effort to alert Canada Health to the potential health risks, over 200 studies were provided to Canada Health for review by Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada. Clegg became concerned about the health risks of cell phones and Wi-Fi exposure, especially for children. He leads an advocate group for the safe use of technology.

The 200 studies his group provided Canada Health revealed some of the harmful results of cell phone use. These included damage to:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Biochemical changes
  • Brain protein
  • Brain waves altered
  • DNA damage
  • Immune system – genes
  • Kidneys
  • Nasal tissue
  • Oxidative stress (Body’s inability to detoxify) (2)
  • Parotid gland (major salivary gland) (3)
  • Sperm abnormalities

In an exclusive interview, Clegg told Mesley that Canada Health’s conclusion after the review of the studies his group provided was that the “Safety limits include a wide safety margin’ to ensure radiation exposure stays’ far below the threshold of harm.”

Old Tests Irrelevant to New Technology?

Mesley explored the lab tests used by the cell phone industry. She wanted to ascertain if the regulation requirements are still relevant to current new technology. What she discovered:

  • Tests measures RF radiation from cell phones used 5mm to 15mm away from the body.
  • Tests she conducted at a lab revealed RF radiation levels when using a cell phone against the ear (the way most people use a cell phone) generated 3-4 times higher radiation levels.
  • The lab explained that it used the worst case scenario of boosted signal to reach a distant cell tower. The lab discounted the radiation increase as harmful since it didn’t represent normal signal use.
  • Current tests used by cell phone companies are outdated. The model for testing is that of an average sized adult male. No models that simulate children are used or required by regulation guidelines.

How to Limit Health Risks of Cell Phone Use

It’s not logical to ask people to give up their cell phones, but there are a few things owners can do to limit the risk of health problems.  According to Mesley’s report, the HC responded to anyone concerned about cell phone use with a few tips:

  • Use text messaging instead of phone calls.
  • Use hands-free devices.
  • Limit children’s use of cell phones.

If you use a cell phone for work and must be on a cell phone for extended periods of time, then according to some studies, you’re at a higher risk of potential health problems. It may prove wise to switch to cell phone ear buds with a microphone, use the built-in speaker or adopt some other type of hands-free device for phone calls. Above all, you should avoid carrying your cell phone in clothing pockets, bra or other means that keep the phone close to your body.

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