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Is Donald Trump Nostradamus’ False Trumpet Prophecy?

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Is Donald Trump Nostradamus’ False Trumpet Prophecy?
Michel de Nostredame, known more commonly as Nostradamus, was a French astrologer and physician of the 16th century. Followers of Nostradamus believe the physician predicted several prolific events of recent centuries, including 9/11, Hitler’s supremacy and the French Revolution.

Nostradame died in 1566. The French ‘seer’ wrote more than 1000 predictions related to the forthcoming centuries, which are contained within Les Propheties. These predictions were written as four line poems, or ‘quatrains’. Les Propheties were published as ten volumes, which each volume referring to a century.

Did Nostradamus Predict Trump?

Suggestions have been made that there is evidence that shows Nostradamus predicted Trump’s presidential win and that Century III, quatrain 81 of Les Propheties, (1) refers to the presidential election of 2016 in the United States.

Theorists believe that (1) Nostradamus’ reference to “the great shameless, audacious bawler”, describes Donald Trump, who is, of course, famed for his unapologetic, ‘shameless’ style of leading.

Nostradamus’ went on to write of the “great shameless, audacious bawler,” will “be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention. The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.”
Followers of the prophet believe Nostradamus’ “governor of the army” statement is a direct reference to a leader of the United States, the most powerful military nation in the world.

Concealing Madness

Nostradamus also spoke of, “The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws.”

Conspiracy theorists claim that the “false trumpet concealing madness” prediction is linked to the incursion of refugees coming through Greece, as Byzantium was a colony of Ancient Greece.
Byzantium could be considered today as Eastern Europe, and Nostradamus’ words that “From Egypt there will go forth a man who want the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards,” could refer to Trump’s attempts to interfere with refugees from eastern Europe, which could affect the Euro.

The 16th century physician also wrote of “the Republic of the big city,” of which Nostradamus followers believe to make a reference to Trump, the “trumpet”, ordering for the engagement of costly military operations, which have led to worries of nuclear war.

Nuclear War

Included in Nostradamus’ writing, which were a combination of French in the 16th century and several other languages, were the words:

“The trumpet shakes with great discord.
An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven:
the bloody mouth will swim with blood;
the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.”

As the Inquisitr writes, the “land of milk and honey” is often believed to be in reference of Israel and some believe this verse from Nostradamus’ writings, can be interpreted to how World War 3 begins. The Inquisitr also notes of how all of the end time prophecies in the Bible are focused on Israel and the rise of the Biblical Antichrist.

Claims are being made that Trump is the “third antichrist”, which Nostradamus predicted, following Napoleon and Adolf Hitler.

The Internet Seems Convinced

When Trump was elected as US president in 2016, the internet and social media became flooded with comments and claims that Nostradamus had predicted Trump would win, some 400 years ago.
One Facebook user wrote:

“Nostradamus predicted this outcome. Nostradamus predicted after the trumpet wins, there will be a Great War! He predicted this 400 years ago.”

While one Twitter user tweeted:

“Is Donald Trump the antichrist Nostradamus predicted?”

The internet is littered with references about Nostradamus’ predictions.

In 2011, Top Secret Writers informed our readers of the best five websites to read Nostradamus’ predictions. We have to admit, some of the predictions bare some uncanny resemblance to many of the biggest events that have taken place in the ensuing centuries after the famous prophetic authors’ death.

What are your thoughts on the 16th century prophet’s predictions about the arrival of a “great shameless, audacious bawler,” who will “be elected governor of the army.” – An unmistakable reference to Donald Trump and his bullyboy tactics of governing? Or nothing but unsubstantiated blarney? We would love to hear your thoughts.

References & Image Credits:
1) Indy 100
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