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Recent Conspiracies About the Charlottesville Violence

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Recent Conspiracies About the Charlottesville Violence
The world’s eyes have been flung upon the Virginian town of Charlottesville, which has become a focal point of a white supremacist movement.

On August 12, a ‘Unite the Right’ rally was planned in the university town. The rally was in protest of the removal of a statue of General Robert E Lee, the U.S. general who commanded the Confederate Army of the Northern Virginia in the American Civil War.

A Rally Turned Violent

The rally turned violent, with protestors clashing with counter-demonstrators. A speeding car rammed into counter-demonstrators killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring 35. A local state of emergency was declared by the City of Charlottesville.

The Charlottesville violence has spawned a number of conspiracies, which are circulating the web.

On Twitter, investigative journalist and founder and editor in chief at Disobedient Media, William Craddick, initiated suspicion about the Charlottesville violence, tweeting:

“Been speaking with people and watching evidence emerge about the Charlottesville attack and there’s some info everyone needs to be aware of.”

Craddick notes how in January, the town’s Mayor declared Charlottesville as a “capital of resistance”, claiming the town was a “trap for everyone who was involved, both sides were being organized by controlled opposition.” (2)

Something Fishy in Charlottesville

Reddit also sparked suspicion, posting a series of evidence that show “something is very fishy in Charlottesville”.

One source that sparks distrust into the escalating racial tension and violence in Charlottesville is a tweet by Brennan Gilmore, posting a video of the car hitting the anti-racist protestors, stating the attack was “deliberate terrorism.”

Reddit notes some interesting research on Brennan Gilmore, who went viral on Twitter and was interviewed on MSNBC. The post shows a quote by Gilmore in a New York Times’ article about the car plowing into the crowd.

The quote revealed how Gilmore worked in Africa as a US State Department foreign service officer before leaving to manage the campaign of Tom Perriello for Virginia governor earlier this year. The quote was later removed by the New York Times.

One Reddit user commented noted how Gilmore had been involved in Kony 2012 and had been working with the Lord’s Resistance Army doing psyop/divide and conquer work.
The Reddit post says how the State Department removed any reference of Brennan, rousing suspicion as to why they would do this.

It is also noted how Brennan Gilmore is not just a “State Department” asset but has been the Chief of Staff for Democrat Tom Perrielo, who served for a term as a U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 5th congressional district. Perriello also lost the Virginia gubernational campaign, hyped to be a rebuke against Trump.

Such evidence, according to the Reddit files, proves there is “compelling suspicion for the idea that the State Department is intentionally and illegally targeting Americans with American borders.” (3)

US Led Into Civil War

Conspiracy News doesn’t hold back in presenting the Charlottesville unrest as forum for conspiracy.

The site warns its readers that Charlottesville shows the US is being led into a civil war and that people should not follow. The report warns that the pandemonium which resulted from the planning demonstration and opposition in Charlottesville, provide the “ideal political climate for the dextrous application of dissent-quashing domestic policy.”

charlottesville violence

“More government surveillance, further restrictions against free assembly and demonstration, toughening of restriction on firearms, and increased scrutiny and censorship on social media, among the nefarious actions, seem inevitably bound to surface in the halls of Congress,” writes Conspiracy News.

The article talks of how Black Americans’ assertions that racism still wields over a system of governance have long fell on “deaf and dismissive ears”, until perhaps the recent unrest in Charlottesville.

The message of the Conspiracy News report, is that to the establishment, civil war means no possibility of a revolutionary one.

“We’re one sour word away from an avoidable civil conflict – but it requires we cease validating malicious and bad ideas,” warns Conspiracy News.

Trump’s Reaction

Breeding greater fury into the escalating unrest into the racial conflict is President Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville unrest.

In his (4) usual late-night tweeting antics, Trump’s posts that suggested violence against CNN and the retweet of an alt-right conspiracy theorist, ignited criticism and anger.

What was more atypical was the fact the White House deleted the damming tweets, including the one that depicted the ‘Trump Train’ mowing a CNN journalist down just days after a white supremacist had rammed a car into the crowd of counter-protestors in Charlottesville.

Well-known conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, referred to the violence in Charlottesville as a false flag. The accusations led Jones and other conspiracy theorists (5) to stand accused of making desperate attempts to try and protect the alt-right from accusations of violence.

What are your thoughts on the conspiracy theories emerging about the Charlottesville racial violence and conflict? We would love to hear our readers’ thoughts.

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