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CIA Whistleblower Claims to Expose Shadow Government

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CIA Whistleblower Claims to Expose Shadow Government
Kevin Shipp refers to himself as a “recovering CIA officer.” The former CIA official refuses to turn the other cheek and ignore cover-ups and criminality in relation to the government.

On July 28, 2017, a public awareness event took place in Northern California, put on by Kevin Shipp presented at the event, informing attendees of various crimes he says the CIA and the U.S. government are involved in.

CIA Crimes

This (1) YouTube clip shows the CIA whistleblower presentation at the recent public awareness event.

Shipp starts the talk with some seemingly ironic humor, noting the ‘benefits’ of being a CIA officer, such as having a cell phone that turns on and off by itself, and having his mail opened before he receives it.

The lecture then takes a more serious tone, as Shipp describes how he decided to expose how he saw the CIA engage in unconstitutional and illegal activity, violate international law and participate in some pretty serious human rights violations.

The former CIA agent speaks of how the Defense Intelligent Agency engaged in the torture program, in which some people died, and where attempts were made to recruit American citizens to be informants.

Shipp refers to a ‘secret system’ in which the President of the United States’ has his own secret army. Within this army special operators are sent out to foreign countries in secret to engage in killings, overturning governments and other things the American people don’t know about.

Mainstream Media Controlled by U.S. Intelligence

The ‘recovering CIA officer’ also notes how the FBI conducts warrant searches, in which national officers enter a business and demand management hands over employee security details. If they find anything that shouldn’t be in there, they can put the supervisor in jail.

Shipp touches on the mainstream media’s connection with the intelligence agency. He speaks of how the likes of the Washington Post and the New York Times feed information directly to the CIA to be published to “alter the perceptions of the American people.”

The presenter goes on to highlight how the ‘secret bank’ recently gave out a couple of trillion dollars to some unknown corporations in the military industrial complex that they won’t tell anyone about. Shipp notes how Wall Street funds the military industrial complex and how it was Wall Street attorneys who funded the CIA.

Government Legalizes Lying

On a large overhead screen, Shipp displays the words “The Government Legalizes Lying”. He refers to an incident of an air force B29 Superfortress bomber flying on a so-called classified mission, crashed into Waycross, Georgia. Nine of the crew members were killed in the crash.

The widows of the deceased demanded to know how their husbands died. The CIA told them that the details were classified. The whole case was shut down and the widows were told that if they talked about it they would go to prison.

However, details of the ‘top secret’ crash report were found on the internet which revealed gross negligence by the pilots. According to Shipp, the Executive and Judiciary Branch which made the State Secrets Privilege law, is the “most tyrannical power of the US government” and is now being used to seal legal cases brought by civilians’ against the CIA and NSA.

Shipp believes the United States lost its constitution in 1947 and 1948 when the CIA was created. The CIA whistleblower hopes his speech and revelations will help lead to a reformation of the system.

Shipp Trying to Expose Coverups

The speech is eye-opening and shows courage from Shipp for trying to expose the alleged coverups within the US government.

As (2) Global Research reports:

“The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny serves as a stellar example to us all. We desperately need other individuals in government agencies and the US military to follow Kevin’s lead.”

Of course, allegations related to (3) CIA and U.S. government secrecy and wrongdoing is nothing new. Though it has to be said, there’s something deeply disturbing about Kevin Shipp’s first-hand accounts of the alleged violation and misconduct of the ‘shadow government’.

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