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A UFO Film Review of I Know What I Saw

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A UFO Film Review of I Know What I Saw
I Know What I Saw is a documentary-type film, which, according to its makers, is “guaranteed to change the way we see the universe.”

The film is directed by James Fox, who gathered what he regards as the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world. These witnesses include figures from a throng of ‘credible’ organisations and professions, including astronauts, government officials, Air Force generals, military pilots and more.

US Hoarding UFO Information

The accounts of these UFO witnesses aim to reveal a ‘behind-the-scenes’ operation in the U.S., designed to hoard and confiscate substantiating evidence from close UFO encounters.

The documentary starts dramatically with the date and location of the incident dominating the screen, reading “Phoenix, Arizona March 13, 1997.”

Proceeding the text are video recordings of strange objects lit up hovering in the sky. Various witnesses they describe what they saw in Phoenix on the night of March 13, 1997. The size of the unknown object was a dominant feature of the multiple witnesses’ descriptions, who collectively described the light as being an unnervingly large object.

The documentary includes clips of news footage to add to the drama and ‘authority’ of the film. One of the news clips related to the Arizona mysterious lights case showed the Arizona governor says there are new leads in the case.

In a news conference about the case, the governor calls for the accused – someone dressed as an alien – to walk into the press conference, as a kind of joke. The ‘prank’ created uproar among the UFO witnesses, who were raffled about their theories being dismissed and who collectively claimed, “they know what they saw”.

Photos, Footage, and Witnesses

At this point the names of those involved in the documentary come up, followed by a series of footage of unexplained lights and UFOs in the sky.

James Fox narrates the documentary, admitting he has been curious about UFOs for a long time. Fox notes how the air force has long been curious about UFOs, showing footage dating to 1952, when the air force admitted they receive ‘incredible observers’ reporting ‘incredible things’.

According to Fox, the photos, footage and cases in the film represent some of the best evidence that UFOs are real. The filmmaker poses the question – if UFOs are real than surely someone in the know would be talking?

The film relays footage from the Larry King Live show of an occasion in Washington where former military officials, government officials, etc. gathered at the National Press Club to discuss their own UFO sightings and encounters. The meeting was designed to call on the government to take an active role in investigating UFO cases.

The documentary shows speeches from different members of the National Press Club event, making claims that the UFO sightings they witnessed is under intelligent control.

Fox interviewed Admiral Lord Hill Norton, former chief of defense staff from 1970 – 77, who had been pressuring parliament to provide clear answers on a UFO case related to a UFO landing on an airbase in England.

Fox wanted to know the Admiral’s thoughts about the case. Admiral Lord Hill Norton said one explanation was that the case did actually happen. The other explanation is that it didn’t happen and that Colonel Halt and all his men were hallucinating.

This position that the Colonel of an American air force base in Suffolk, England was hallucinating, was dismissed by Admiral Lord Hill Norton.

Diverse Witnesses

The witnesses involved in the film are certainly diverse, ranging from young and old, some more professional in their demeanor than others.

The film ends by Fox reiterating how he had met with UFO witnesses from around the world, military officers, politicians and everyday people, who came forward with nothing to gain but everything to lose because they want answers not the same old explanations of weather balloons, military air craft and more, but the truth. Fox poses the question – if any of the objects witnessed by all these people are not man made then we are not alone.

I Know What I Saw is certainly a compelling and interesting documentary to watch. UFO believers and enthusiasts will certainly walk away from the documentary smirking with an ‘I told you so’ undertone, while even UFO skeptics are likely to think twice about their skepticism.

Whether it is “guaranteed to change the way we see the universe”; the documentary is a little dramatic and far-fetched. Nonetheless, it’s easy to see why Steven Spielberg referred to the documentary as “compelling”.

You can watch James Fox’s I Know What I Saw on YouTube. Let us know your thoughts about the firm and whether it changes your mind at all on the mystery of UFOs and whether the government is covering up what they really know about extra-terrestrial life.

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