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Vaccines and Big Profits are Bad For Human Health

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Vaccines and Big Profits are Bad For Human Health
It sounds like a dystopian movie plot, but the recent mandatory involuntary vaccination program in France and Italy is a harsh reality.

In August 2017, World Mercury Project published an article written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about the “fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children” in both countries (1).

Kennedy Says Vaccine Mandate Against Nuremberg Code

Kennedy writes that the program is against the very principle of human rights found in the Nuremberg Code (2). Ever since the mandate was announced, millions of Italians have joined protest rallies declaring the law is an infringement to parental rights.

In July 2017 despite the loud dissent voices of its citizens, the Italian legislators passed the law that will see children (preschool to teenage) inoculated with ten vaccines.

Rate of Measles Cases Increase Tenfold

So far in early 2017, 2,500 cases of measles were reported. This rate is ten times higher than 2015. In the wake of this increase, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) issued a US travel advisory.

National Public Radio (NPR) reported on the surge in cases of measles throughout Europe since mass immigration from the Middle East. The result was the French and Italian mandates. The mandate is for vaccinations that will inoculate the European children against 12 diseases (3).

Parents defying the mandatory vaccination program will be fined up to $8,380. If the parents continue to refuse to inoculate their children, they could lose custody of their children.

getting a vaccination

Over the past decade, wary parents have opted out of vaccinating their children. Italy’s National Institute of Health reports that in 2015, 85.3% were vaccinated. That rate must be at least 95% to prevent the virus from infecting the population.

Massive Protests in Italy Go Unreported by Media

Kennedy called out the mainstream media not just in Italy, but also in the US for failing to report the record-setting protests going on in Italy. He discusses how the new French and Italian vaccine mandate serves to continue to support Big Pharma ($32 billion industry). He points out that the pharmaceutical sector in Italy is “one of the largest in the world.”

For years, various scientists have come out against the safety of vaccines, but have inevitably been ridiculed and their claims brought into question. Kennedy relates how these tactics have been used against two respected Italian scientists who released a damaging study on vaccines.

He explains how other “recent scientific studies” have compared the “health status of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated children.” He points out that the public trust in vaccine safety although discounted by the media and others, has led many parents to forego childhood immunizations. Kennedy reminds that new studies have brought to light the “emergence of new vaccine-related autoimmune illnesses.”

He recounts how investigative documentary films and government investigations have “exposed widespread corruption among vaccine regulators” as well as the government attempting to hide some of the “serious vaccine-related adverse reactions”. He further calls out the industry for its “intimidation of scientists who publish data contrary to the orthodoxy that all vaccines are always safe for all children.”

The latest study that is currently being attacked presents new data that clearly demonstrates that all vaccines are not safe for children or anyone for that matter.

Scientists Claim Vaccines Unsafe

Kennedy exposes the attempt by Big Pharma to silence a 2017 study published by the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination by “two highly regarded Italian scientists.” Physicist Antonietta Gatti and pharmacist Stefano Montanari conducted a study that found within the vaccines, “nearly universal presence in vaccines of “micro-, sub-micro- and nanosized inorganic foreign bodies” and “debris”—ingredients not declared in the package inserts.”

If this isn’t alarming enough, the heavy metals that the two scientists found in vaccines should surely make any parent reject vaccinations for their children. The scientists discovered that in “every human vaccine” there was “wide-ranging contamination.”

That contamination of heavy metals included:

“…lead or stainless steel in all of the vaccine samples analyzed; chromium in over half (25/44); tungsten in almost a fifth (8/44); and many other varieties of metallic particles.”

There is no reason for such heavy metal particles to be found in vaccines. Kennedy demonstrates just how controlled the media is when he writes how this discovery should be “front-page news” and that the “two researchers who discovered the contamination” should be “hailed as diligent scientists dedicated to improving vaccine safety.”

The opposite is what happened to these two brave scientists. They became targets on Facebook and were threatened with violence. Their work was disparaged with calls for them to be physically attack. This kind of intimidation isn’t new.

Kennedy writes:

“An army of pharmaceutical industry trolls and bloggers have pressured the badly shaken journal editor to ‘unpublish’ the study, which was published after a rigorous peer review process.”

This isn’t the first time Journals have been pressured to renounce a published study that contradicted or debunked false claims by Big Pharma (4).

Study Concludes How Harmful Vaccines Are to Immune System

Perhaps the most eye-opening and frightening revelation of the Gatti and Montanari study was their conclusion. The scientists “believe that the immune system is permanently damaged by these composite particles.” The compound they create is “not biodegradable and can induce adverse effects”. This includes, “immediate and deferred autoimmune problems.”

Perhaps what makes this all seem so nefarious is what the scientists discovered in their test comparisons between human vaccines (44) and one single veterinary vaccine (hog vaccine).

Kennedy writes, “In every human vaccine, Gatti and Montanari found wide-ranging contamination” this included the heavy metals of lead or stainless steel in all the human vaccine samples. In half of those samples, they found chromium. In a fifth, they discovered tungsten. They also found “many other varieties of metallic particles.”

But, the startling evidence was when they came to the “single veterinary vaccine”. It tested as “clean.”

Human Vaccines Unhealthy

What does it say when hog farmers have the clout to “successfully lobby for uncontaminated veterinary vaccines” and humans don’t?

The two scientists consider the debris and heavy metal as the result of poor manufacturing oversight and no regulations to force pharmaceutical companies to invest in quality control.

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  • c_chandler

    mandatory vaccination is bad and unethical and unconstitutional. they want to infect children. several of these were common childhood illnesses that do not need a vaccine. the doctors need to be retrained to actually diagnose properly.

  • AnnyF

    As someone who grew up during the time of polio outbreaks and the fear parents had that their children might come down with polio, I find this fear of vaccination irrational. Being able to diagnose polio, diphtheria, or tetanus properly does not mean they will not result in death.

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