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Three Atlanta Blackout Conspiracy Theories You Need to See

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Three Atlanta Blackout Conspiracy Theories You Need to See
On the night of December 17, 2017, a sudden and unexpected power outage shut down Atlanta Airport, the world’s busiest airport. During the outage, Atlanta’s mayor and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered all flights arriving and departing the airport to be grounded or suspended until power had been restored.

No sooner had news surfaced that a power outage had paralysed the world’s busiest airport, conspiracy theories began to circulate about the reasons behind the sudden loss of power.

Here are three Atlanta blackout conspiracy theories you need to see.

A single plane was allowed to leave the airport (1) was quick to point out that during the supposedly 12-hour complete air traffic shut down, one single plane was mysteriously allowed to leave the airport. The plane was a 4X-ICB cargo carrier, which arrived in Atlanta from Mexico City several minutes before the power cut. According to reports, the plane was allowed to depart the airport in the middle of the blackout.

The plane in question is owned by Cal Cargo Airlines, a Jewish-owned firm based out of Israel, which specialises in transporting ‘nonstandard cargo’, such as dangerous goods and live animals. According to the Squawker report, the firm’s leaders have connections to the Israeli government. One such connection is the company’s Vice Chairman, Muli Ravini, who formerly served as assistant to the Director General at the Ministry of Finance in Israel.

Adding further fuel to the conspiracy fire, is the fact Cal Airlines is also the owner of LACHS, a loading and offloading of cargo planes business, which operates at Atlanta Airport. LACHS, note Squawker, is able to load and unload cargo planes without customs agents being present, which, according to Squawker, means:

“No one outside the companies own employees were aware of what was inside the plane as it either landed in or took off from the airport.”

Theories expectedly followed as to what was onboard the mysterious plane which was allowed to leave despite the otherwise grounding of all flights. One of the leading theories is that such an “elaborate ruse” was conjured up in order to get weapons out of the US and into Israel.

Doubts cast that an underground fire caused the outage

Another conspiracy theory doing the rounds on the internet is doubt over the claims that an underground fire caused the power outage at Atlanta Airport.

Atlanta Magazine provides a timeline into the events that took place in Atlanta on December 17th.

According to the timeline, just after 1pm, a fire at Georgia Power underground facility caused part of Hartsfield-Jackson airport to lose power. It was around this time that posts started to appear on social media of passengers stood in the dark and stuck on aircraft. The FAA then ordered all flights to stop.

The crippling power cut has been traced to an electrical fire, which, as (3) CNN highlights, damaged two substations serving the airport, including its “redundant system”, which should have provided the backup power.

However, there are some that are casting doubt over an underground fire being able to cause such a prolific power outage and transcending chaos on the world’s busiest airport. As one (4) Reddit reader posted:

“Anyone looking into this? Occurred at 1.30pm but wasn’t being reported till late at night, travellers were locked in the airport and were not allowed to leave. Being blamed on an ‘underground fire’ that somehow took out the whole system.”

Conspiracy theorists forecast a national power outage

One of the most interesting conspiracies which can now be implicated with the Atlanta Airport power outage, relates to the conspiracy theorists who were said to be ‘electrified about a rumoured national power outage on November 4, 2017.’

According to a report in (5) Slate, the US Department of Defense will “simulate a catastrophic national power outage on Nov. 4, the same day ‘Antifa’ demonstrators are planning a purported national ‘day of rage’ that has some on the right all worked up.”

The U.S. electrical grid might not have gone down on November 4th as some conspiracists wanted us to believe, but an outage of a large scale certainly occurred in Atlanta several weeks later. An interesting coincidence for sure.

What are your thoughts on the conspiracies surrounding the Atlanta Airport power outage? We’d love to know what our readers think about the prolific outage and the conspiracies surrounding it.

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