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10 Best Movies About Aliens Being Real

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10 Best Movies About Aliens Being Real
Movies, especially documentaries about ETs (extraterrestrials), are based on facts from eyewitnesses, leaked classified documents, photos and videos.

10 Best Alien Movies

There are many persuasive reports and documentations that have convinced many people that we are not alone (1).

#1 Fire in the Sky (available Amazon on Prime)

The docudrama film of the 1975 mysterious disappearance of Arizona logger Travis Walton, who was taken on board a UFO. His abduction was reported by his fellow loggers who witnessed the event. The men were ridiculed and accused of having killed Travis and concocting an outrageous UFO story in their effort to cover-up his murder.

However, five days later Travis re-surfaced and new rumors spread that it had all been a stunt to gain publicity. According to Travis Walton, the movie had inaccuracies created purely for a Hollywood effect (2).

To set the record straight, he wrote a book and produced a DVD documentary; Travis, The True Story of Travis Walton documentary won the 2015 EBE Film Festival International UFO Congress. The Travis Walton story is touted as the most detailed and best documented case of alien abduction (3).

#2 Communion

Based on the book, Communion, A True Story (1987) by Whitley Strieber, the 1989 docudrama unfolds the very odd and strange encounters Strieber claims to have had with various aliens at his mountain vacation home. Strieber’s aliens truly act alien to the human mind and often beyond human understanding (4).

The film, itself, seems to portray Strieber as unstable and in this approach, overshadows the interactions Strieber had with ETs. Many believe the film goes overboard in its portrayal of Strieber’s attempt to grasp what is happening to him. After or before viewing the film, fans should also read Strieber book by the same title, to compose a more accurate picture of the man and his ET encounters (5).

#3 UFOs Out of the Blue

This award-winning 2003 UFOTV documentary film features interviews with military officers, such as generals and admirals, astronauts, professors and other credible people. These individuals discuss their direct experiences with UFOs, ETs, ET Technology.

Many participated in the UFO sworn to secrecy based on classified information status. Testimony of UFOs shooting down a nuclear dummy warhead and UFOs hovering over a nuclear missile site and UFO footage. (90 minutes). (6)

#4 Unacknowledged

Netflix documentary Unacknowledged claims new evidence that proves Roswell was a UFO crash occupied by alien lifeforms and the massive coverup that ensued and continues to this day. This documentary is part of Dr Steven Greer’s Disclosure Movement to force the US government to disclose the truth about UFOs and ETs.

In 2001, Dr Greer held a National Press Conference where 20+ corporate and government witnesses testified about their personal knowledge and encounters with UFOs. ETs and ET technology. The Disclosure Project is backed by “500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, firsthand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.” (7)

#5 UFOTV’s The Scientific Study of Alien Implants (2004)

Renowned UFO researcher the late Dr Roger Leir (1934-20014) was known for his pioneering work in removing and studying alien implants in humans.

The documentary features Dr Leir in discussions of his work, implants, scientific testing of metallurgy of the implants and even features live surgeries to remove alien implants (8).

#6 Fastwalkers

Fastwalker is the code word NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) uses for UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) that “cross earth orbit and land on its surface”. The documentary features discussions with leading authorities from around the world and those with personal experiences with UFOs.

The film also reveals startling information that NORAD. It is also revealed that NORAD tracks around 500 Fastwalkers annually. Various “unseen” UFO photos and video footage are also included in this documentary (9).

#7 I Know What I Saw

I Know What I Saw documentary features “UFO witnesses from around the world”. Joining them are Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, various government and military officials from the Air Force as well as commercial pilots and FAA officials.

Footage of actual tracking of UFOs on radar as well as interviews with air traffic controllers from different countries (10).

#8 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

The 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure featured more than 40 researchers, government and military witnesses of UFOs, ETs and ET “presence” of engaging with humans. The group testified before six former members of the US Congress. The hearing was an effort to bring the government coverup of this type of activity to an end and allow full disclosure to the American people (11).

#9 Crop Circles: Quest for Truth

The documentary Crop Circles: Quest for Truth (2011) is the creation of Academy Award Nominated Director William Gazechi. Viewers are treated to never-seen video footage of crop circles. Also featured are various interviews with the world’s leading Crop Circler researchers as well as scientists.

The most popular theories about what a crop circle is and isn’t are presented to the viewer along with speculations about what the circles are attempting to communicate, if anything (12).

#10 The Secret Nasa Transmissions: The Smoking Gun

The Secret Nasa Transmissions: The Smoking Gun documentary is an EBE Award-winning Best Film at the International UFO Congress Film Festival features historical UFO sightings made by NASA Astronauts.

The documentary supposedly reveals a “secret independent study to monitor the digital video cameras on all NASA Space Shuttle missions,” conducted by Martyn Stubbs. During a five-year period, Martyn recorded more than 2,500 hours of live NASA video transmissions that came from NASA video cameras (13).

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