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The Amazing Connecticut UFO Close Encounter in 1987

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The Amazing Connecticut UFO Close Encounter in 1987
On May 26, 1987, multiple witnesses saw what appeared to be a giant object in the night sky in the shape of a boomerang or semicircle with multicolored lights attached in the night sky over Connecticut. The account has been archived on the UFO Casebook page (1).

Between 9:30 pm and 10:15 pm the object was spotted flying low over Interstate 84 near the Connecticut towns of Newtown and Southbury. After 10:00 pm the object turned west and was seen over the area of New Milford. More than 200 people reported the object to local and state police.

Offical Connecticut UFO Sighting Explanation

The official explanation from the state police at the time was that the object was actually a formation of ultralight aircraft with colored lanterns flying in formation.

The aircraft, according to this explanation, were painted black and flying out of Candlewood Airport. Later the state police changed the location of the airport to Stormville. However, Stormville at the time had only one ultralight based there. The aircraft only flew in daylight, as it was against the law for it to fly at night.

A man named Randy Etting is said to have taken a photograph (2) of the object. An analysis of the photograph is said to be of a solid object in a perfect semicircle at least 900 feet across, far longer than the wingspan of any known aircraft then or now. The conclusion of the investigator who filed the report is that the object was a single, solid aircraft and not a formation of smaller aircraft, either ultralights or, as another theory suggests, military helicopters. This assessment is also the consensus of the eyewitnesses who saw the object that night.

The photograph in questions does show a semicircle of colored lights against a black background. On casual examination there does not seem to be anything that can reveal the scale of the object or objects, such as objects on the ground.

UFO Sightings in Northeast

Just to add some confusion, a page called XPose UFO Truth (3) quotes from some pages of the 1998 version of the book “Night Siege” regarding a number of UFO sightings in the American northeast in the mid 1980s. These included the Connecticut sighting, stating that it was not Etting but a nearby police officer who took the photo.

“Night Siege” (4) was a book written by Philip Imbrogno, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and Mr. Bob Pratt that related the story of multiple UFO sightings over the Hudson Valley occurring between 1983 and 1985. More details are given in the account by Mr. Arnold Springster, who observed the object with his wife and friends and has the most detailed description.

“It was almost overhead, and there was no sound. The UFO then started to get lower, and it continued to approach. It was moving very slow. I knew that no aircraft could possibly keep that altitude and go so slow, plus it was dead quiet. I opened the door and got out of the car and looked up as the thing passed over the car. It was so huge it seemed like it took a long time to pass over. Everyone at this time started to get a little worried, I mean, here we were on this road with no other traffic, it could have easily did what ever it wanted to do to us. I looked up at it, it was directly overhead and about two hundred feet above the car.

At that point, all the white lights went out and I saw ten red lights, very small, surrounding a triangular-shaped object with one red light in the middle. This was weird since, when the white lights were on and it was approaching, the object looked like a boomerang or half circle. I looked up and saw this structure. There were parts that looked like they were soldered together, but very smoothly. It was made up of some type of dark, greyish material that had a very low reflectability.”

Springster suggests that the object was easily as large as a football field.

Still No Explanation

To this day, no one has come up with a terrestrial explanation for the Connecticut object. Of course, no evidence exists that it was an alien spacecraft aside from the flight characteristics and the fact that it seemed to fly unmolested by the United States military.

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