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Are UFOs Real? Yes and No

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Are UFOs Real? Yes and No
When asked the question, are UFOs real, the literal answer is, “Of course.” People see things in the sky that they can’t identify all the time, going back through history(1).

Some of the witnesses are very credible observers, such as Air Force pilots (2) and police officers (3), trained to identify and evaluate things and not given to deception. Some have even had the presence of mind of record what they see, making very interesting YouTube videos. UFO stands for “unidentified flying object.”

However, the question is usually asked in the vein of, “Are alien spacecraft visiting the Earth and being spotted as UFOs?” Then, the answer gets a little complicated.

Most Are Natural Phenomena

The vast majority of UFO sightings can be explained(4) by natural phenomena, astronomical objects, such as comets and even the planet Venus, misidentified aircraft (including drones and balloons), and, of occasion, hoaxes.

A few sightings have been classified as unexplained. However, those few UFO incidents are not necessarily aliens. They are just unexplained according to the data that is available.

One issue interfering with the belief that UFO sightings are of alien spacecraft is that eyewitness accounts tend to be the most unreliable pieces of evidence that exist. Police detectives know this fact from their training and their experience. The unreliability of eyewitness accounts is one reason why law enforcement officers collect evidence, especially of the forensic type, to identify and capture someone who has committed a crime.

The same principle applies to UFO sightings. There has to be solid evidence that a UFO is, in fact, an alien spacecraft before it can be identified as such.

The reason why many people gravitate toward the explanation that UFOs are aliens is that it is a media-driven meme. Moreover, alien spacecraft sightings tend to go in cycles depending on media attention to them.

Media-driven memes can be derived from reports of sightings to popular television and movie dramas such as “The X-Files” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

The Effects of Camera Technology

One interesting phenomenon(5), according to Jack Womack, a debunker of UFO phenomena, is that the last wave of UFO sightings lasted through the 1980s and 1990s.

Then, a serious drop-off occurred in the early years of the 21st century. Womack ascribes this development to the proliferation of camera phones.

One would think that, with everyone carrying a camera in their pocket, UFO sightings would have increased exponentially. However, the opposite seems to have occurred.

When asking the question whether aliens are buzzing the Earth in spacecraft, the question that you have to ask is, for what purpose?

Put yourself in the shoes (or whatever they wear) of the aliens. You have discovered this interesting planet with a less advanced civilization populated with a potentially dangerous and paranoid species. Would you let the Earthlings know that they are being studied by a more advanced species?

Remember, the meme of alien invasion is just as powerful as ET sneaking in and abducting people for experiments.

No, you as an alien astronaut would leave on your cloaking devices, to use a bit of “Star Trek” technology, and observe unobtrusively. Most modern militaries use aerial drones to keep tabs on potential enemies without their knowledge.

Drones used by aliens to observe Earthlings would likely be undetectable by any human technology.

Alien Civilizations Most Likely Exist

Ascribing UFOs to more mundane causes than visiting aliens may not be as interesting as thinking that ET has taken an interest in us.

However, we can comfort ourselves that alien civilizations do exist, just from the vastness of the universe and the law of averages.

If ET has not come to visit us, maybe we will have to go out there and pay them a call. That would be very exciting.

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  • disqus_WeWNBo9WSz

    I’m calling BS on this author. He clearly has an agenda here to discredit genuine UFO sightings. There have been more than “a few” sightings that couldn’t be explained. It’s clear that we have been visited by something other than us. The evidence within this phenomenon is overwhelming. You have to wade past all the crap but you will come to understand what the truth really is.

    Most people are comfortable in their lives and won’t accept this truth and that’s their right.

  • Cookie

    You do know that recently the Pentagon have basically said that there are craft in our skies of unknown origin and they have been tracking them, right? As a semi – sceptic myself this is fascinating stuff as if they are not ours nor aliens from outer space then who in the hell are they? The mind boggles.

  • geoffpace

    The term UFO is a misnomer. Most of them are NOT Unidentified. We well know what most of them are. After a couple generations past Kenneth Arnold and Capt Denny Mantell we know what is “Venus” or “Swamp gas” and what is the real deal. We’re past that stage already. Even the original purveyor of the “gas” theory Dr. J. Allen Hynek) admitted he was a mole for the government and served penance time making a cameo in CE3K back in 1977. We also know they are not necessarily “flying” since some have been witnessed under water such as with the late William Milton Cooper who gave his life up for the establishing of the truth of the situation. While on midnight watch in the Navy ye long years ago he saw his first UFO/USO open up a quadrant of water and slip in seamlessly. Also they are not necessarily in this particular dimension and are not necessarily interstellar as the Sci-Fi writers of old claimed them to have been. They are from inside other dimensions, portals or extra-dimensional plains. Not ready to go into it here. And thirdly, they are not necessarily “objects” either. They could be reflections from those other multi-verses and perhaps on some occasions projections and part of “Project Blue Beam (nee 1995) whereas the “Second Coming” will be a three dimensional road show sponsored by the PTB and the USG over a major megalopolis near you. Perhaps a better term would be UAP -Unexplained Aerial phenomena.Not quite accurate, but serves a better portion of these goings-on more so than the old and hackneyed phrase “UFO.”

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