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Nordic Aliens – The Myths and Legends You Should Know

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Nordic Aliens – The Myths and Legends You Should Know
Nordic aliens, also known as Pleiadians, are believed to be humanoid aliens, which come from the stellar systems that surround the Pleiades stars. The Pleiades are a cluster of stars, which are also referred to as the Seven Sisters.

In alleged sightings of Nordic aliens, they have been described as resembling Nordic-Scandinavians, usually male, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, standing at approximately two meters high.

The complexion of these Nordic aliens is said to range from fair to tanned. It has also been claimed that these Nordics are void of irises and when they visit Planet Earth they wear contact lenses in order to blend in more with humans.

George Adamski

George Adamski, a Polish American ufologist, who claimed to have taken photographs of spaceships from outer space, said he met Nordic aliens. The extra-terrestrial creatures, Adamski claims, were friendly and took him on flights to various planets and the moon.

Adamski wrote about his alleged encounters and travels with Nordic aliens in three books. “Flying Saucers Have Landed” was published in 1953 and, two years later, Adamski published “Inside the Ship Shapes”.

Both books were bestsellers, selling more than 200,000 copies by 1960. In 1961, the supposed contactee of Nordic aliens released another book titled “Flying Saucer Farewell”.

In the (1) “Flying Saucers Have Landed”, Adamski relives his purported encounter with Nordic aliens on November 20,1952. Adamski and a group of fellow UFO enthusiasts, drove to the Mojave Desert where they claim to have witnessed a flying saucer land.

Cigar Shaped Saucer

The saucer was, as Adamski described, silent and riding high, was huge, cigar shaped and silver, without any wings or appendages.

“Slowly, almost as if it was drifting, it came in our direction, then seemed to stop, hovering motionless. Like a long, narrow cloud, the object hung in the sky,” wrote the author in ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed.’

Adamski’s story goes on that following a bright flash in the sky, someone stood about a quarter of a mile away from the onlookers, signalling Adamski to come over. The ufologist says he walked towards the man, “feeling no fear”. The man was wearing a jumpsuit and his long, blonde hair was blowing in the wind.

Adamski went on that the Nordic aliens’ visits were friendly but serious and they had come to warn of the dangers of nuclear explosions, “dangers for both Earth and its neighbours in the Solar System,” wrote Adamski.

The author said he had been “overcome with joy” during his encounter with the Nordic aliens.

While many believe Adamski’s claims were nothing but elaborate hoax and that the ufologist was a con artist, his descriptions of the Scandinavian-resembling aliens correspond with other alleged sightings of these extra-terrestrial Nordic creatures.

Howard Menger, an American alien ‘contactee’, also claimed to have met Nordic aliens throughout his life. Menger purported he had encounters with friendly, Adamski-style space brothers during the late 1950s.

Also similar to Adamski, these meeting became the subject of Menger’s two books, ‘From Outer Space’ and ‘The High Bridge Incident’.

Space Brothers — Tall Whites

In (2) documentaries about the encounters, Menger said he believed he had misunderstood the Nordic aliens, saying that rather than living on Venus they had bases there and had been exploring Planet Earth.

According to mythology, Nordic aliens, also referred to as Space Brothers and Tall Whites, are angelic beings, which have been represented in different religions and ancient civilisations.

As an (3) article about Nordic aliens being the “messenger of harmony” on the Gaia community website notes, these peaceful entities are considered as the True White Brothers, which in Hopi prophecy, signalled the end of the fourth age.

The physical characteristics of these aliens which resemble people of Scandinavian descent means, according to Gaia:

“They can easily pass as Earthlings, and those who have been in contact with this race state that their appearance allows them to freely explore our planet.”

Top Secret Writers (4) reports many curious stories of aliens contacting humans. Though we have to admit, the persistent and prevailing stories, mythologies and histories about the Nordic-Scandinavian-style aliens, with their blonde hair, blue eyes and messages of peace, are amongst the most curious of the alleged UFO contacts with Planet Earth.

What are your thoughts on these encounters with Nordic aliens? A load of twaddle invented within the imaginations of man to provide them with fodder for intriguing, bestselling books and by doing so making them famous and rich? Or proof that humanoid extra-terrestrial creatures really do exist?

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  • The question to ask is, “What evidence we have that these aliens exist?” As a photographer and former photo lab manager, I have to acknowledge that Adamski’s “saucer” photos bear an exact resemblance to the lid of an egg incubator, complete with incandescent light bulbs and all. The similarity is too great to be coincidence. So if Adamski had real flying saucers in front of him, why photograph a piece of farm hardware? His photos of the “cigar-shaped” UFO’s are even worse. And alien bases on Venus? Where the temperature is +500ºF and rivers of molten lead run like water? Science has caught up with and surpassed Adamski. However, I will give him credit for being the most original UFO faker until Billy Meier showed up.


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