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FBI Releases Files on Mysterious John Wheeler Death

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FBI Releases Files on Mysterious John Wheeler Death

In 2011, Top Secret Writers reported on the disturbing and mysterious death of John Wheeler, his DoD work, and his connections to the Mitre organization.

On February 28th, 2018, the FBI released a file on John Wheeler. This was an exciting development, considering that it’s been almost a decade since Wheeler’s body was discovered at the Cherry Island Landfill in Delaware.

The circumstances surrounding Wheeler’s death were surreal and disturbing. In the days and hours before his body was discovered, he had been traveling on business.

Witnesses reported that he wasn’t feeling well, and that he seemed to be in a “confused state” and not acting normally.

In a late night surveillance camera snapshot, Wheeler could be seen talking to a parking lot attendant after wandering aimlessly around the parking lot, carrying one damaged shoe in his hand.

We reported on all of the unusual circumstances and clues surrounding John Wheeler’s death as well.

The question now is whether the FBI’s files contain additional clues that could lead to the murder (or murderers?)

FBI Files on John Wheeler

If you’re suspecting that the FBI files reveal the results of a massive Federal investigation into the murder of a U.S. goverment official, think again. The FBI appears to have given up on their duties in the case of the Wheeler murder.

Instead, the released FBI files detail the controversy in 1983-1984 when Washington DC Channel 9 reporter Carlton Sherwood accused the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) of mismanaging funds. He even reported Wheeler, as the founder of the fund, to the FBI as a core part of the “scheme”.

The March 2, 1984 report stated:

“[blank] stated that he believed tha a possible fraud scheme involving raising money for the VVMF, chartered in the District of Columbia, had been uncovered by [blank], who had been doing investigative reporting. [blank] then stated that he had done a considerable amount of investigation regarding the VVMF and that his investigation revealed that the VVMF had not accurately reported the money it had raised and had fraudulently spent or given money contrary to its charter. [blank] furthr stated JOHN P. WHEELER III, currently the General Counsel to the SECURITY EXCHANGE COMMISSION, in Washington, D.C., was a founder of and integrally involvd with the VVMF and this scheme.”

The rest of the 106 page Wheeler FBI file is a repeat of the same information, news reports revealing that Wheeler had reported Sherwood for illegaly recording a conversation, and a final report from the GAO clearing the VVMF of any wrongdoing.

Not long after this fiasco, Sherwood left Channel 9 news as a reporter.

Connections to Wheeler’s Death?

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to correlate any of the information in the released FBI files to Wheeler’s death.

The only scenario that might make sense is that Wheeler and Sherwood developed a lifelong grudge against one another for the wrongs that were inflicted, and one eventually managed to get the other one killed.

However, Sherwood (and Wheeler) were both well-decorated war veterans. In fact Sherwood was a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and the George Foster Peabody Award for his work in journalism. These are not individuals likely to arrange the murder of anyone.

So we are once again left with a dead end as to who actually killed John Wheeler back in 2011.

But there is one intriguing, lingering clue that comes out of this release.

Domestic Terrorism

It appears that at his last days, both Wheeler and Sherwood were interested in the same life pursuit — fighting domestic terrorism.

A NY Times article covering Sherwood’s death in 2014 covers all of the journalistic accolates that the man received over the years. However a very intriguing note at the very end of the article — just a very small snippet — reads:

“One of his last jobs was as executive vice president and director of communications of the WVC3 Group, an antiterrorism security firm based in Reston, Va.”

It’s fascinating that a life-long journalist would end his career in the field of antiterrorism.

But what’s even more compelling is the small clue we reported on in 2011 immediately after Wheeler’s death.

A longtime friend by the name of Richard Radez told news reporters that in his recent exchanges with Wheeler, Radez had received a very recent email from John, “expressing concern that the nation wasn’t sufficiently prepared for Cyber Warfare.”

Radez also stated that, “This was something that had preoccupied him over the last couple of years.”

During those years, Wheeler had been consulting with Mitre.

Had two lifelong enemies become colleagues in the war against terrorism? Or were the two in the middle of a lifelong battle against one enother — even competing in this new field as well?

Or…is there no connection between these two men and Wheeler’s death at all?

One thing is for certain — Wheeler’s murderer(s) remain far from the jail cell they belong in, and the Feds seem far from interested in seeking justice. Instead, they’re releasing ancient history and doing nothing at all to bring the murderers to justice.

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